Love Your God to the Last Breath (David Wilkerson) 9 min video This Is The Day Wilkerson Died

Looking on You Tube for short Videos by David Wilkerson I found many I have never heard.
It has blessed me to listen, reflect and think.
I have been re reading what I feel is one of Wilkerson's best if you can find it get it the title,

'Hungry For More Of Jesus-Experiencing His Presence In These Troubled Times' 

I was thinking also on Wilkerson's prophecy from 2019 , the lord spared this man of God from having to go through what he gave as a warning. 

May this last short video bless you as it has me.

One point, David Wilkerson died on April 29, 2011-that is a 911, I feel that also is a warning , a 911 concerning America. Just a thought.

We will see in May much more of the same that we have been seeing, and this will continue in all of 2016.

 Listen, if you do not know Jesus as lord and Savior I plead you  accept him today, time is up, the writing is on the wall and it is time to wake up and arise.