WW3 June 6, 2016 -Viral On The Internet, Time To Set The Record Straight.

 UPDATE June 3, 2016
3 days and counting til the rapture happens.
I have a deep burden, I am true anguish over the ones that still have not learned what the bible teaches and not man. This pre trib Rapture I have done books on, posts, sermons. I was one, Hal Lindesy was my hero for years, I had the pleasure of meeting Hal face to face.
I told him, 'the best book you ever wrote Hal was combat faith' still one of my all time favorites books. 
Look beloved, reader, listen. The doctrine comes right from the Irvinites 12 Jesuit Priests that said they were the last Apostles, the same as the Manifest son of God, latter rain teaching heresy. Darby jumped on the band wagon and a translation of the bible all made it a true thing and it is false.

I anguish because good, humble people really think they will be free from what the world is going through in three days. I wrote many years ago, the Christians that were looking to a rapture when it does not happen will become some of the remnants worse enemies, many will fall fro the faith, this will be the great falling away on steroids.

ALL will be left behind when America and other places fall, this year.
All has already changed I did a post on this, it has already started America I do not even recognize the America I live in. I thought a dramatic event would happen Mays end I took that to the lord and he said as I posted, It has already began, every day we see the Hell and out right rejection of our Christian faith, the constitution is gone , freedoms gone. Porto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, so many places Africa, Kenya, as said, has fallen, so 2016 indeed has been triple chaos and will continue to get worse day by day, week by week, month by month.
But reader you will be on earth, unless you die on June 7th, so do not fall to mans false doctrine. Every day I read someone had a dream a vision and Jesus came and said he is coming for his bride on the 6th. I do not make fun of you, I say this in love, I also once believed this doctrine.
This also has much to do with Albert Pikes vision of a WW3, it all fits, you will see a false antichrist a false mark of the beast. The mark of the beast does not happen until the mid tribulation, please know your bible, this will be a huge let down and many will think everything else they were taught is a lie, and many Christians will fall away, and even persecute the other Christians in sound biblical orthodox doctrine.
That is my update of anguish and my plea to you reader,now back to the rest of the original post

I always refute foolish viral Videos, and such. This is a cause to refute this erroneous thinking.
The new viral lie is WW3 will start , take place on Jun 6th 2016.
I saw hundreds of videos form many sources and people all saying this is the date, why? It comes out to 666. June month 6, day 6, 2016.
The only time that 666 means anything at all is one place, the mark of the beast.

Many are saying ww3 is the last war, the bible dose not teach this at all, we could see ww4, 5, 6 . When things are out of control, and many are teaching false doctrine men jump on it and run with it.

Many are saying, June 6th 2016 the Antichrist comes, and the Rapture takes place.
I would to God, I could finish the e-book, “ The Antichrist Hunters', by this new viral foolishness, I see the need for such a book.

2016 has one six, it is 16, so try and fit that into this false wind of doctrine, it is not a 666, but a 6616. Note some scholars say and some Greek and other texts the number is 616, not 666, that is a hard one as both arguments and proof are solid.

Obama is the Antichrist they say, He is not, a corrupt prez and not good at all, but lets not give this puppet to much credit, he is no Antichrist just a puppet for the NWO, and nothing more.

Understand reader, the only time 666 means a thing is when the real mark of the beast takes place, in the mid tribulation. We are not in the tribulation, let alone half way into it, we are in the birth pains. I think I have said this and written this 100 times. WE ARE NOT IN THE TRIBULATION!!!!!!!!!! we are in the birth pains.

Also, ww3 where on earth do people think this will be the last world war?

In history we have had many times the date comes out to a 666, and nothing huge happened.

You can not say this is true , the bible is the standard, not man.

This is the deal, every time the world had a world war, and countries, nations became corrupt men start to look far to deep into prophecy.

I know with no doubt June 6 2016 WW3 will not happen, it may be before.
Much of this comes from the pre-trib rapture camp, a false hope, many think I have nothing to be concerned with, because I will be taken away by a secret rapture.
National crises, uprisings, chaos, evil people in charge, the coming Second American revolution, economic hard times, and more. Men always think, this is it, I am going to heaven any day, these viral videos will show as always that a rapture will not happen as many think.

In parts of the world many Christians are being killed, Foxes book of Martyrs and history teaches us a different story.

TPTB are hard at work trying to take sovereignty from ALL nations to try and bring about the NWO. The E.U. Is falling apart, Ireland has no government at present, Nations are bankrupt, and more are close to it, as is America.

Beloved , do not fall for these false doctrines and lies. Be ready in spirit for anything. We will see an increase of the birth pains Matt ch 24, re read it, Wars and rumors of war, see that you are not in fear, for these things must be.

We will see a bad storm season , now, we will see the economy world wide get much worse NOW, we will see many things in 2016, but do not fear.

That is all I can say, it is not the end of the world, it is not the rise of the Antichrist, and it will not be the start of ww3.

Ww3 is on the table, as is hitting the kill switch on the global economy.

Stay close to the lord. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior, if you have not been born again by faith alone, I ask you and pray you accept Jesus as your lord and king today.

If you study the word, fast and pray, you will have a personal revival, it always starts with the pulpit before it reaches the pew. Most Churches are in utter apostasy, ad do not even seek the face of the lord. Ministers could care less its all about the money.
In this critical time of Judgment it is a must to get a fresh vision of Jesus Christ, no one else will do, it must be all Jesus. This will bring peace, joy, patience, rest, and more.