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In this post I re introduce a free service and also I speak of herbs esp. what I have been learning about hormones, so its a good herbal teaching, and shows what an herbal intake may be able to do for you.

The Herb intake is 100% is confidential

I have offered this free service many years, so few make use of this free service, a herbal consultation, first visit, is not cheap, I always do what no one else does, FREE.

Once you fill out the intake form and mail it into me, it takes a few days to put together a herbal action plan for you.

To download the form. NOTE: I posted it in .odt format, so you should download Open office it is free and it is what I use. DO NOT download it as a PDF, if you do, you will not be able to write in the form.

Later we can do a phone call, email or Skype.

Take advantage of this free service today, no hidden fees, no plea for money, it is honestly 100% free, find that anywhere on the internet.

Take action today and let a Master Herbalist help you in anything you suffer with, or anything you want to prevent.

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I have been doing a lot of posts on the herbal blog, visit today.


It is a big PTL, nothing huge happened on the 13 day high occult time, but do not let your guard down, be in prayer and watching, as you will see things heat up, each day, each week, until the stuff hits the fan. I have always said when something goes viral on the net, 99% of the time nothing happens. When you least expect it, expect it. No one had inside information or a word from the lord concerning 911,' the secret things belong to the lord, but the revealed things belong to man'.

All I know is May will be a very interesting month and we will see some things that will alarm many. Not you, not me , we know we are in the lords hands, he will protect, deliver and start to use many of us in ways you never dreamed of.

Our lord still does things that are  far above all we can ask or think.

 All I have been asking is more of the presence of Jesus. 

I have a deep burden to see people get well, healed, it is a true burden.

With the days we are in and the days coming, we must be in shape, have DR and dental issues taken care of and a month back up supply of any medications. I did a post on the herb blog about fast acting herbs and some herbs that are RX equivalents.

No matter how much I know, or you know, this is a call to miracle healing , we will need it.Prayer for the sick is always number one, next, herbal medication, our lord created the herbs, the Pagan New agers just stole what the lord created and made it evil. No false god created an herb, God gave man herbs, its all over the bible. 

It is prudent to get well and in good shape, it will be needed, I am in deep sorrow for the many who are seriously ill and bed ridden, also older people who are alone. I pray the lord protects these precious ones.  

Lastly, after researching my wife's illness (and she has three major ones), I have been in study for a few years on hormones , thyroid, the endocrine system, women's issues, I was given by God a herbal supplement protocol, and so far she is felling better. I was reading one of Dr Christopher's monograms, he was deeply burdened for a little boy and did not know what to do to help the little boy, Dr Christopher said, he prayed and the lord revealed to him what to give the boy, the boy was 100% healed, so it is not odd, nor strange, to pray about what herbs to give someone, I tried it and it works, why? Prayer works.

If you are suffering with hormone issue you may want to try this as well, always seek a DR first, what I will say is for educational purposes only. Disclaimer, so I do not end up in Jail LOL.

 Wild Yam 2 times a day

 Red Clover Blossom 2 caps a day, one in Am, one in Pm

Chlorella, start with one tablet one time a day for  a weak and increase gradual to 3 tablets a day.

90,000 Hu (Heat Units) Cayenne caplets, one 500mg two times a day

Licorice root 1 ml two times a day

 ASHWAGANDHA 1 ml two times a day

Vit B-50 Complex one time a day

Multi Mineral one time a day, not crap brands good stuff like what Deb sent.

400mg Magnesium

500 mg Calcium

15ml Zinc

Plenty of natural Vit D- via the sun, 20 min a day is how you get Vit D.

It took 2.5 years to come up with this combo and she said she feel 100% better

Some of these can not be taken while on (HRT) Hormone replacement therapy, she is on no RX drugs at present, and did not want to take the herb route , she got so bad she has decided to give herbs a try, she feels different concerning herbs now. PTL.

The HRT drugs have over 100  bad side effects, one is rapid weight lose and this is what happened to my wife, its nasty.

 No herb known can do hormone replacement, but they can act as certain natural hormones and some are hormone modulators like licorice root tincture. The key to feeling better, who ever you are, try Chlorella, the green super food and has a great way to help with hormones. IT is taken for all around health. Note One herb to NEVER take if your hormones are out of balance- dandelion, that herb will get rid of excess hormones, and that would not be what you want in hormone balancing and therapy

Try Chlorella today and see how differ you fell, it also rids the body of pollution and heavy metals.