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Christian Nephilim Theorist talking about my website like its real:


I'm writing a horror novel featuring a werewolf named THE GONTEEKWA. I chose to bury the origins of the spirit of the werewolf in christian mythology rather than in full-moons and silver bullets. In fact, I chose the post-flood era where Moses takes out the last giant walking the face of the earth named Og. Here it is:
Understand that I am no longer a Christian, but I was, and I studied the bible hard. I am using my past studies to fuel my horror story which is a little more cerebral than jump-scares and torture porn. I'm going gothic. The profanity is minimal. Perhaps that is how I snagged this man? The truth of the matter is that I wasn't even looking for him. I wasn't looking for anyone. I am just trying to get my sorry ass PUBLISHED.
In late March, I activated the Lost Book of King Og website. That was when the fun began. Since mid-April Nephilim and Rephaim conspiracy theorists have been all over it.
Next thing I know, Steve Quayle is on Tom Horn's TRUNEWS podcast saying that the vatican has found King Og's Lost Book. Here is the episode:
Last week, Steve Quayle was in the Jim Bakker show (disgraced televangelist - Wikipedia him, its comedy) talking about THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG again. Shopping it like it was fact. The link that I enclosed at the top of this post is right at the point where he starts selling THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG as truth.
I have all of the links to help you comprehend this in one blog post, if you don't quite get the hustle:
The stuff is hilarious and horrifying. All Steve Quayle needed to do was track me down and hit me up. Instead, he just shops it as fact.
I will admit that the website that I put together looks good. I also admit that I keep the whole thing at a cryptic level, because that is how the story is being written. The Vatican plays a sizable part in the novel. But seriously, a true researcher asks questions and RESEARCHES.
I hope you are as amused and perplexed as I am about this.
Note: I saw on Jims Show he had Steve Quayle , Tom Horn and Bakker was pushing his books on Giants. I have decided, yet another channel to avoid, to bad.