A Few Videos On Economic Issues- Warnings -A Warning Of The Coming Fall Of Nations

The lord has put on my heart, we are so close, to so much that is about to happen. I do not know what to do, but shout from the roof top once again.

A prophecy given a while back said by May end -we would not recognize the USA as it now it. WE are in May, so we will see. I still feel very strong this is a true word of the lord. I know the lord said, the window is very short.

It seems, many are saying, 'it will not happen, we have read and heard about this for years', it is true many videos, blogs, websites, have got dates wrong, I have as well. WE know in part and prophecy in part, but this word, this time, seems like it will happen.

The lord gave me some indicators, things that would happen before the stuff hits the fan, these things are happening today, as the lord said. Do not be caught off guard, nor scoff at such warnings. The dates could be wrong, but it is a done deal, and all the lord has said will come will happen very soon.

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Published on Apr 20, 2016

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