Help For Those suffering with HRT Drugs- And Hormone Issues-Thyroid Issues

This is where the rubber meets the road. My wife for several years suffered with menopause, right after, Hashimoto's thyroiditis , one year ago, thyroid surgery it has been for her a life and death situation.

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Also called Hashimoto's disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease, a disorder in which the immune system turns against the body's own tissues. In people with Hashimoto's, the immune system attacks the thyroid. This can lead to hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid does not make enough hormones for the body's needs.
Located in the front of your neck, the thyroid gland makes hormones that control metabolism. This includes your heart rate and how quickly your body uses calories from the foods you eat.

Causes of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

The exact cause of Hashimoto's is not known, but many factors are believed to play a role. They include:

Genes. People who get Hashimoto's often have family members who have thyroid disease or other autoimmune diseases. This suggests a genetic component to the disease.

Hormones. Hashimoto's affects about seven times as many women as men, suggesting that sex hormones may play a role. Furthermore, some women have thyroid problems during the first year after having a baby. Although the problem usually goes away, as many as 20% of these women develop Hashimoto's years later.

Excessive iodine. Research suggests certain drugs and too much iodine, a trace element required by your body to make thyroid hormones, may trigger thyroid disease in susceptible people.

Radiation exposure. Increased cases of thyroid disease have been reported in people exposed to radiation, including the atomic bombs in Japan, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and radiation treatment for a form of blood cancer called Hodgkin's disease.

Let us not forget the Fukushima Nuclear Accident , it has been called worse than Chernobyl, but the media no longer covers it.

In LA County CA St, there has been a dramatic increase in Children getting thyroid problems, why?
Radiation exposure via The Great Japan melt down, this is not over, it is not covered, there are still sites dedicated to the on going radiation issue, now around the whole earth.
In Japan many birth defects, also fish and frogs, with three heads and such, but if the local network media does not report on something, it never happened.

It has been years of watching my wife suffer, and mostly at the hands of DR's and Big Pharma. 

Just because I am a Master Herbalist, my wife was never into using herbs. I have been in study many, many, years , due to my wife's illness, and now after several years I have learned a lot about the issues, menopause, thyroid , hormones, what it does to your mind , literally.

My specialty has always been helping people with Mental health issues, and now women's issues, odd, being a male Herbalist- women's issues is now my second field as well as, autoimmune deficiencies.
Odd. This is my story, our story, our journey and how the lord gave me insight after much study. I was so frustrated I could not help, and she would not take herbs I just wept. of late, I prayed again I said. 'Lord I must have an answer to seeing my wife well', yes we anointed with oil and prayed, OK. I am also a minister.

Healing does not always happen, its not a lack of faith as the falser teachers would have you think. Paul had a thorn, his eye condition, it was never taken away, tell me Paul did not have enough faith, I have heard many in the WOF( Word Of Faith) movement, say just that. Paul did not have enough faith, but these wolves in sheep's clothing, raping mankind to live in ivory towers, they come to plunder the innocent sheep, if you send a dime to such ministries your out of your tree.

So, on and on, much prayer, endless hours of research and more . WE have just had our break through via herbs and supplements. After just a couple of days she said she could not believe how different, she felt, off the RX's , if you have these side effects stop taking that medication and see a DR, my wife found a new DR., the other was not a good, nor a nice man at all. Barstow Ca St, Dr. Mohan Malam, many, many, people have complained about this man, she is free from that one- amen.
She lost almost 60 pounds and she is a small women to start with, she was starting to waist away , as she could keep no food down, and was almost to the point of death, it was just recent, I pleaded to her once again, saying, 'give nature, God, a chance, use what he created', so desperate... she said yes, we are on week two, and she is felling 100% better, holding food down, and this is huge.
In this post I will tell all what I found, the combination and I hope and pray someone else will have relief from these bad hormone issues, spec, those on HRT drugs.
First a little more medical information about this disease and I will write more after and tell you what I have her on, and why.

Estrogen and Progestin (Hormone Replacement Therapy)


Hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots in the lungs and legs. Tell your doctor if you smoke and if you have or have ever had breast lumps or cancer; a heart attack; a stroke; blood clots; high blood pressure; high blood levels of cholesterol or fats; or diabetes. If you are having surgery or will be on bedrest, talk to your doctor about stopping estrogen and progestin at least 4 to 6 weeks before the surgery or bedrest.
If you experience any of the following side effects, call your doctor immediately: sudden, severe headache; sudden, severe vomiting; sudden partial or complete loss of vision; speech problems; dizziness or faintness; weakness or numbness of an arm or a leg; crushing chest pain or chest heaviness; coughing up blood; sudden shortness of breath; or calf pain.
Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking estrogen and progestin.

Hormone replacement therapy may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

  • headache
  • upset stomach
  • vomiting
  • stomach cramps or bloating
  • diarrhea
  • appetite and weight changes
  • changes in sex drive or ability
  • nervousness
  • brown or black skin patches
  • acne
  • swelling of hands, feet, or lower legs (fluid retention)
  • bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods
  • changes in menstrual flow
  • breast tenderness, enlargement, or discharge
  • difficulty wearing contact lenses

Some side effects can be serious. The following symptoms are uncommon, but if you experience any of them or those listed in the IMPORTANT WARNING section, call your doctor immediately:

  • double vision
  • severe abdominal pain
  • yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • severe mental depression
  • unusual bleeding
  • loss of appetite
  • rash
  • extreme tiredness, weakness, or lack of energy
  • fever
  • dark-colored urine
  • light-colored stool
Hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer and gallbladder disease. Talk to your doctor about the risks of taking this medication.
Hormone replacement therapy may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication.
If you experience a serious side effect, you or your doctor may send a report to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online ( or by phone (1-800-332-1088).

What are the side effects of thyroid replacement hormones?

Thyroid replacement hormones usually are well tolerated. Symptoms that occur during treatment are often due to toxic, elevated levels of thyroid hormones and resulting symptoms from hyperthyroidism. Symptoms may include chest pain, increased heart rate or pulse rate, excessive sweating, heat intolerance, nervousness, headache, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and fever. Some women may experience irregular menstrual cycles.

What are some examples of thyroid replacement hormones?

The following is a list of the thyroid replacement hormones that are available in the United States:
  • levothyroxine sodium (Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Tirosint, Unithroid)
  • liothyronine sodium (Cytomel, Triostat)
  • liotrix (Thyrolar)

Levothyroxine Side Effects

Levothyroxine may cause side effects. Some common ones include:
  • Weight loss
  • Tremor
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased appetite
  • Fever
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Temporary hair loss, especially among children during the first month of treatment
More serious side effects can also occur. If you have any of these side effects, stop taking levothyroxine and get medical treatment right away:

She told this Dr. Mohan Mallam. and what did he do, nothing, even laughed at her, and more of the same meds in higher dose.

I paid him a visit, the next day after my visit he sent us a letter saying, 'due to philosophical differences I am dropping Margaret Abaldo', ya that is what happened. I did not yell, I spoke firm, my wife was dying, I spoke medical talk , and as a Master Herbalist, he did not like being confronted with truth, we know many, many, locals that feel the same about this DR. WE are still filing a charge against him, as so many others have, this man is still doing the same to many others.

Real nice when you see your wife come back from seeing this DR in tears , weeping, why? He literally laughs, takes nothing serious, and has very bad bed side manner. I pray to God, enough people sign the issue at hand and the man is chased out of town, better yet, lose his Medical License, but when your poor, that is what you get.

I recorded the whole conversation as prof to how I spoke and what was said.
I was not happy seeing my wife come home, and told the weight lose is nothing and other issues he lit. Laughed at what she said in tears, that is criminal.

I put in this post the fact if you lose such weight, or other things, stop taking the medication and see your doctor, that is a joke the man did nothing, pray her new DR will be a better DR and not a man who seems to like to make people cry.

No matter what, now my wife is seeing such amazing results, she will not go back on any HRT, her choice, I say amen. On with what we were given.
I pray this helps anyone that is suffering then same way.

Bladderwrack and Kelp-Basic Iodine sea plants, I have not taken anything from the oceans since the Japan EQ and on going massive fish die offs world wide.

Go to a Food Market, go to the meat section, you want a steak, you see dead bodies, and ill people all around the counter, would you still buy the food and walk away?

This is the same thing.

Only one thing I have her on can come from fresh waters,  mostly in Japan, and China, the best quality of this super food is raised in fresh water far away from Japan.

Chlorella, this is one of the parts of her formula.

1 tab 3 times a day. I gave her this as she also had a very high cholesterol issue, and Cholesterol RX drugs also can cause weight lose, dramatic and wasting, but Chlorella also helps with hormones in an odd way. This is the starting dose, slowly work up to a range of around 2 tabs 3 times a day

Chlorella is for everyone, and would help everyone feel better, in her case it has all that one needs to live in natural from and is perfect for many diseases and doing a full body detox. 

Natural news-The heath ranger says about Chlorella and he is 100% correct he says.

Chlorella Reduces Body Fat, Total Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose Levels

If you are interested in reducing body fat, getting your cholesterol level under control and staying clear of diabetes, chlorella may be just the perfect superfood. Researchers have recently investigated the effects of Chlorella on people with high-risk factors for lifestyle diseases and found that chlorella affects a positive outcome by controlling gene expression. Other new findings have also added to chlorella's impressive credentials.

Findings from the study

As reported in the September edition of the
Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers in Kyoto, Japan fed chlorella to 17 subjects with high-risk factors for lifestyle-related diseases and 17 healthy subjects over a 16 week period,. They conducted blood biochemical tests and gene profile expression analysis before and after the chlorella administration. They confirmed that in both groups, chlorella intake resulted in noticeable reductions in body fat percentages, total serum cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose levels.

Through gene expression analysis, they found that gene expression profiles varied with chlorella intake. They identified many genes affected by chlorella ingestion that returned to their pre-ingestion state when chlorella ingestion was discontinued. Among these were genes related to metabolic enzymes, signaling, receptors, transporters, and cytokines.

A difference in genetic expression level was found between the two studied groups at the start of the tests, and the researchers were able to identify genes with noticeable variance in expression levels resulting from chlorella intake in the high-risk factor group. These included genes involved in fat metabolism and insulin signaling pathways, which suggest that these pathways are physiologically affected by chlorella intake. There were clear variations in the expression profiles of genes directly related to the uptake of glucose following chlorella intake, indicating that the activation of insulin signaling pathways could be the reason for the blood sugar lowering effects of chlorella.

Chlorella reduces UVB degradation of the skin

The May-June edition of the
European Journal of Dermatology reports that solar UV radiation damages human skin, affects skin tone and resiliency, and leads to premature aging. Skin damage by oxidants leads to activation of protein kinase C, increasing collagen degradation. Ingestion of chlorella has been shown to inhibit this activity. This degradation was evaluated following UVB irradiation in the presence of an aquaeous extract fraction of chlorella, in human skin fibroblasts. Expression levels of activity on elastin protein and pro-collagen mRNA were also investigated. The researchers found that premature aging-induced collagen degradation and gene expression were suppressed in the presence of the chlorella fraction. The fraction also appeared to counteract the negative effects of UVB exposure on elastin protein and increased pro-collagen mRNA expression following UVB exposure.

Chlorella decreases dioxin and increases immunoglobulin concentration in breast milk

One of the big sales pitches for the use of infant formula in place of breast milk has been that breast milk contains dangerous levels of dioxin. A study reported in the March, 2007 edition of the
Journal of Medicinal Food analyzed dioxin levels in breast milk and maternal blood samples from 35 pregnant women in Japan. They measured immunoglobulin A (IgA) concentrations in breast milk and investigated correlations with dioxin concentrations. In addition, 18 of the 35 women took chlorella supplements during pregnancy, and its effects on dioxin and IgA concentrations in breast milk were investigated.

The researchers found that toxic equivalents were significantly lower in the breast milk of the women taking chlorella tablets than in the control group. These results suggest that chlorella supplementation by the mother may reduce transfer of dioxins to the child through the breast milk. No significant correlation was identified between dioxin and IgA concentrations in the breast milk of the control group. IgA concentrations in breast milk in the chlorella group were significantly higher than in the control group. Increasing IgA levels in breast milk are considered to be effective for reducing the risk of infection in nursing infants.

New studies also document the powerful chelating properties of chlorella

Also reported in the September
Journal of Medicinal Food is a study in which 40 rats were divided into one control group and three groups that were treated with cadmium. One cadmium group received no chlorella, one received 5% chlorella, and one received 10% chlorella. After 8 weeks, the relative liver weight was significantly lower in the group receiving no chlorella compared with both groups receiving chlorella, indicating severe liver damage in the no-chlorella group. This group also displayed significantly higher hepatic concentrations of cadmium than the groups receiving chlorella. Hepatic RNA had a higher expression in the chlorella treated groups than in the no-chlorella group. Researchers concluded that chlorella has a protective effect against cadmium induced lever damage by reducing cadmium accumulation and stimulating the expression of RNA in the liver.

The July edition of
Food Chemistry Toxicology reports another study in which the chelating ability of chlorella was assessed. Levels of interleukin -6, an important stimulator of red blood cell production, were assessed along with investigation of the number of adherent and non-adherent cells. Mice that had been drinking water containing 1300ppm of lead acetate were treated with chlorella daily for 10 days. The researchers found that chlorella improved cellular function, increased the ability of cells to produce interleukin-6, and restored the reduced the number of non-adherent cells. Monitoring of lead poisoning demonstrated that chlorella treatment significantly reduced lead levels in blood and tissues, completely restored the normal levels of ALA in the liver, and decreased the abnormally high plasma levels of ALA.

The findings of these two studies underscore the powerful chelating ability of chlorella and suggest that chlorella would be useful for pre-treating before consuming any food or drink in which the presence of heavy metals is suspected, such as fish. Chlorella has also been shown in previous studies to be an effective chelator of mercury and is an excellent supplement for anyone with dental fillings containing mercury, as well as anyone undergoing the removal of fillings.

What is chlorella?

Chlorella is tiny, single-celled water-grown green algae that contain a nucleus and an enormous amount of readily available chlorophyll. It is composed of about 58% highly digestible protein, and carbohydrates. It is a good dietary choice for people who do not eat meat. It contains all of the B vitamins, vitamins C and E, amino acids, beta-carotene, iron, zinc, macro-minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, rare trace minerals, essential fatty acids including GLA, and polysaccharides. One teaspoon of chlorella contains 90 mg of RNA and 8 mg of DNA. Chlorella has more vitamin B-12 than liver. It is virtually a complete food and considered one of the superfoods, delivering a wind fall of nutrition to the body.

Chlorella contains thousands of phytochemicals, most of which have not yet been identified.
Chlorella is nature's answer to the multi-vitamin pill concept, offering a broad array of nutrients in highly bio-available form with perfect synergy. It has shown to be effective at reversing degenerative diseases such as all types of cancers, diabetes, liver disorders, high blood pressure, and obesity. People with poor digestion are able to easily digest chlorella.

Chlorella is perfect for body detoxification
. Its fibrous outer cell wall binds with heavy metals and pesticides that accumulate in the body and ushers them out. It's high content of chlorophyll makes it an ideal cleanser for the blood stream and the elimination channels, insuring that metabolic wastes are carried away from the tissues. It cleanses the breath and reduces body odor.

Chlorella has been shown to accelerate healing, protect against radiation, help in the treatment of Candida albicans and relieve arthritis pain. It is effective against anemia and its stimulation of red blood cells assures proper transport of oxygen to the brain and body.

Chlorella is a potent cancer fighter

Chlorella stimulates the immune system and the production of interferon, one of the body's greatest natural defenses against cancer. Increased interferon production is thought to stimulate macrophages, T-cells and tumor necrosis factor. This results in the immune system being able to combat foreign invaders whether they are viruses, bacteria, chemicals or foreign proteins. Chlorella's DNA repair mechanism has been documented.

Numerous animal studies have documented chlorella's effectiveness against cancer. One such study involved mice given chlorella prior to being transplanted with breast tumors. The results indicated a 70 percent survival rate in the chlorella fed group and a control group survival rate of zero.

In another study, fifteen glioblastoma patients were treated with high levels of chlorella, in some cases combined with chemotherapy and radiation. Glioblastoma is the type of deadly brain tumor recently diagnosed in Senator Kennedy. Their health and immune status increased immediately, and they experienced a 40 percent two-year survival rate, compared to the normal two year survival rate of 10 percent for this type of cancer.

Chlorella helps balance the body's pH

It is believed by many that disease starts and thrives in an acidic body environment. Any diet that is deficient in fruits and vegetables will be acidic in nature. The consumption of soft drinks and processed fruit drinks are particularly acid forming as are diets high in meat and uncultured dairy products.

Proper pH balance is critical for health, and the body goes to great lengths to maintain the proper pH of its blood, by increasing respiration and by pulling alkaline minerals out of the bones to use to buffer any excess acidity. This is why consumption of soft drinks is linked to osteoporosis.

Chlorella is an alkaline food, which means it counters acidity. This promotes increased bone mass since the body is not sacrificing minerals from the bones to create proper acid/alkaline balance. Metabolic function is therefore improved. The consumption of alkaline foods has been linked to improved immune function, kidney function, higher energy levels, and lower allergic response levels.

Using chlorella

Chlorella can be purchased in tablet form and as powder. The tablets are easier to use, but there is some question that the quality of the chlorella may be compromised by the heat produced in the compression process used to create the tablets. There are several high quality chlorella tablets on the market with vastly different price points. Sun Chlorella is an excellent product that is well packaged to maintain its freshness. It is relatively high priced.
Kyoto Chlorella from Swanson Vitamins is also very good quality and well packaged and less expensive. Yaeyama Chlorella is also of high quality, however the packaging usually leaves something to be desired.

Chlorella's strong outer cell wall needs to be broken to make its nutrients accessible. Any package of chlorella you buy should tell you that the cell wall has been broken. Some lower quality manufacturers of supplements sell chlorella that has not had the cell walls broken. These products are virtually worthless.

Powdered chlorella is generally the province of the boutique supplement manufacturers and can be quite expensive, with the exception of
NOW Chlorella which is good quality, broken cell wall powdered product that is available in sizes up to a pound. This can be purchased online from Vitacost or Lucky Vitamin.

Powdered chlorella can be mixed into juiced vegetables and fruits or used in smoothies. It has a mellow, non-intrusive flavor and adds a richness and thickness to any liquid you use with it. Mixing chlorella into a drink requires a blender or shaker.
Chlorella combined with spirulina, another green algae, creates a whooping powerhouse of nutrition. Add a spoon full of each to your smoothie or juice.

To learn about spirulina, see

An excellent, comprehensive guide to chlorella and spirulina is available at

Additional Sources:

"Health Benefits of Chlorella",
Healing Daily.

James and Phyllis Balch,
Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

That is the truth and facts of Chlorella.

Wild Yam 2 tabs one time a day
Red Clover Blossom, 2 caps a day. If you have it around, and most places have this weed, I do not in the Mojave desert sadly. Get the tops dry them out and make your own medicine.;
Zinc- In a quality Multi Mineral- Vit. B -50 Complex, extra Magnesium -Calcium supplements-For a good sleep aid you should take a dose of each of these minerals, natural sleep aid. Zinc is a must for hormone health. Make sure the ratio is 3 part Calcium and 1 part Magnesium or half and half, but each day if taken it should have lower magnesium to Calcium.

1 ml 2 times a day -tincture of Licorice root, 1 to 2 ml ASHWAGANDHA
2 times a day.
Cayenne, different ways to take, she is on 2- 500mg caps, we filled with quality 90,000 HU
It needs not be 90K lower will work, but not the food store spice that is not the real spice.
Taking Cayenne to help her cardiac , chest pain issue, it will 100% heal the heart, so this is used so she will not get a heart attack, or stroke. It is also packed with many great vitamins and minerals. All these supplement's and herbs again a huge thank you Deb Lesar.

While you can, stock up on these, the Chlorella will not be around after the stuff hits the fan, nor wild yam, you can grow, I have licorice root growing, but takes 3 years to harvest.
Get a couple pounds of Licorice root and make your own cheap and abundant tinctures while you still can. Most will be able to get Red clover, that alone, is a type of a natural hormone producing herb. Licorice is a hormone modulator. Red clover a type of plant based hormone.

I am growing ASHWAGANDHA from seeds 300 days to harvest, hope we have enough on hand almost a year. It is easy to grow in many places esp zone 8 and above with no problem. ASH.. is for many things, in this case, it is a tonic and aptogen, also a very good anti depressant. It will also help hormones , and it helps with oxygen in the blood.

This simple formula has changed her life and very fast. You may need to use gentian root at first to stimulate appetite, I had none and used a couple different bitters, as they will help, but any wasting disease, long convalescence , nothing can touch Gentain as an appetite simulator and it works very fast, only two does or so, very fast.

If you have similar problems try this formula and dosage today, the dose is for approx. a 150 pound person, she was only 90 pounds, but the best dosage, and it had to be a little more aggressive. This does would work for almost anyone, if you are much heaver you would take 1/3 more of the tinctures, same on the caps- tablets

I looked all over the net, my books, and I could not find one place that talked of HRT and what to do after surgery not one.
One herb never, ever take if you have thyroids issues, but OK for menopause, that is Dandelion, never, it will cause hormones to dissipate, leave the body, flush  hormones, and this would be very bad in this HRT RX equivalent healing formula. Menopause as said, is a bit different, and if just menopause, it is safe and good to take dandelion.

I will give the links to where to get the best products, best price, I have found and use, I do not get paid by anyone clicking on this, it is what I use, and so I give you the link and after the specific protocol.

 Clean Chlorella 200mg Tablets (10oz, 283g), 1415 tablets

 Red Clover Blossom-If you can pick your own, better.

Wild yam, buy caps only 2.00 a bottle or buy and make your own caps. both links given.

 Ashwagandha powered Make your own tinctuer-1:5 40% 4 oz herb 2.5 cup 80 proof vodka, let this sit for 2-3 months. They will have more in on May 20, 2016 approx

Licorice root, make your own tincture-1:5 40  4 oz herb 2.5 cup vodka 80 proof

B-50 Complex this is the best out and best price.

Albion Chelated Magnesium Glycinate-The best I have found and use.

Albion Chelated Calcium Glycinate-The best, what I use and best price in my opinion

 Cayenne powder best, cheap 90,000 HU- around 5.00 a pound cheap and powerful.

Dr Mercola Whole Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals

Not cheap, but best of best, or take your own preferred brand. NOTE: it says take 2 caps with each meal, one cap, half that is fine, remember vendors want to sell, and often you can take half of what a vendor says, when it comes to vitamins and minerals mostly- I take one, two times a day and man I feel it big time.

I gave what I prescribed for my wife , thus the protocol is the same for almost anyone.

NOTE: If you can not take night shades, replace the Cayenne with tincture of motherwart.

NOTE: Ashwagandha, Is a night shade but can be taken in the dose I give and use, so no worries I give a link to prove my point.

Solanacea Sensitivity

Ashwagandha, or Withania somnifera, belongs to the Solanacea family of nightshade plants that includes tomatoes, potatoes and many important pharmacological plants. Some individuals experience allergic reactions to nightshades. Persons with known sensitivity to this family of plants should also avoid ashwagandha.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ashwagandha may intensify hyperthyroidism although the effect hasn't been proven. Some knowledgeable herbalists still recommend the herb as a strengthening tonic for patients suffering from hyperthyroidism. Anyone with this condition should consult an expert for advice before using ashwagandha.


In the small doses usually ingested as herbal tonics—from 450 milligrams to 2 grams of ashwagandha root powder at a time—ashwagandha can safely be regarded as nontoxic. In higher doses the toxicity risk rises. The herb's toxic qualities contribute to its use as a treatment for lice infestations. Consumed fresh, the plant's berries act as an emetic. Literally translated, ashwagandha means "smells like a horse," and the plant's unpleasant flavor makes overuse unlikely.


The formula calls for only 2 ml , 1 ml 2 times a day, far below 2 grams or 450 ml.
If your still freaked out use Siberian Ginseng instead. But ashwagandha, does great things for hormones and other thyroid issues, in my practice I have never seen anyone with nightshade intolerance have any problems with up to 5 ml tincture, yes Vodka is  made from potatoes, use any alcohol that is 80 Proof. I am not using this herb as an aptogen, it is one, as well as Siberian Ginseng. I am using it partly for that, the secondary use is for inflammation and regulates hormones, and other things esp for long illness, or being in bed a long time from a surgery, so use what you will, but ashwagandha as a nervine, is far better then  Siberian Ginseng.

In the AM, min. half hour before you eat, take your herbs, supplements with your first meal. 
A second dose same thing, make sure to take the herbs 1 half hour before eating, or one hour after and supplement- vit- min with food, esp Zinc.

Need a free herbal intake 100% free, visit the main website download the intake and I will do all I can do on line 100% if in the area Yermo Ca , the Mojave Desert call I do a free herbal clinic. All free no catch.
Email me at
or call

Link to the intake form is at,

Lord bless I hope to hear from you today.