I Decided To Post My Last E Book The 72 Hour Warning

With everything spinning out of control, I decided to make public a book I emailed to just a few people. I was re reading some of it and felt, This may be of help to someone. The book is 125 Pages and Like all my books and music it is 100% free.

Many are to poor to prep, the mission has needs, I almost never say that, when I do I get hate mail, look I know of NO website , ministry that does not ask for help. So send the hate mail, so be it, this ministry still has one person that gives. I put my heart and soul into this website the content speaks for itself and I do not sell my books, music, nothing all is free. Help us today. You know many of the other websites sale things books and CD's DVD's sale, sale, sale, I sale nothing, and freely you have been given, so freely give. I believe the lord will touch hearts, it is time beloved, and needs must be met fast, we are so near the stuff hitting the fan.

In this book it was written for the many that know very little about prepping and more. Part one is several posts from my main site, Part 2 has many posts from survival sites. Part 3 I end with observations, ideas and thoughts, it also contains many herbal uses to teach herbal antibiotics antivirals and more, so the book has a lot of different content.

I pray, hope, this free book will give some, things to think about, others will say, I know all this, if that is the case, this book would not be the target audience.

Link to the new book is at this link,


I have many,many books 100% free you can read them, download them via the link to the right Free Books, you may find a book that will help you, encourage you, instruct and exhort, so many books download them today.