Payment plan-I have A Burden To Teach Others, Bad Economy, So A Change To Help All

In podcast one, I talk about how bad the economy is. Due to this, and the fact I honestly just want to teach others, and others need what this school offers.
A while back, I made a change , a free soft copy of the diploma and transcript, now I can do one more thing.

Starting today, May 28, 2016 I will make it so anyone that wants to be a student can pay the 100.00 administration fee in two payments of 50.00 , that is one time a month. Two months and your all set.

I have no idea what else I can do?

I just want to pass on what I have learned. The global economy is soon to be gone as we know it, thus it is urgent for you to join the school, while you still can. The free books alone are worth over 100.00, a lot more.

I hope this will help to bring students in this day we live in.

Thank you, I hope to hear from you today.

Finally, almost no one has taken the free offer to do an online free herbal intake, I do not know what to make of this? I strive to do all Free, or so low cost, that  it is beyond belief.

If you have not seen the video promo for the herb school, I will put it in this post
Danny Abaldo Master Herbalist-Teacher and your mentor.