The 72 Hour Warning Free Book

I posted the link recent, this book has had 5 reads, I ask all, please read this and download it, you will need it, and it will at the least give you some things to think about. So Once again the link to my free book,"The 72 Hour Warning"

Of late I have not put any art work on books, just text, I know that may not help with reads, as a cover is essential. I did not do that, sorry, it is what it is. Fancy covers will make it so you must pay, order, a book. This is all 100% Free Books on many subjects.

I have many free books they also are getting very few reads and they are free, some are great, to the right link under ECC 11:6 FREE BOOKS- links to all the books I have uploaded. Take a read today.

WE do not have long beloved, the window of Grace is close to being closed, this is serious, judgments are on us and getting worse. May and on, we will see dramatic events, and 2016 all out Chaos , so prepare today, spiritual Preparation is number one, but have a prudent plan, have a plan of action. I Yell from the house top, behold your king, behold the mighty judgments that are coming, this is a time to get serious with God as Wilkerson's video said.

Please listen, time is up, we are running out of time to have freedom, what will you do, what are you waiting for? One day it will be to late, but you were warned, over and over.

This will get real hard very fast, are you ready? Do you know, and have Jesus as your lord, today, is the day to do so. This is a sure word- behold , behold, our King, high and lifted up, he is on the brides side, but many in the bride will suffer, we all will, very soon.

This will not be easy for anyone, it will be dangerous, food will be nowhere to find, water will be hard to get, it will be a nightmare, we can rejoice in and through this, we are not called to wrath, but many of us will suffer, some more so then others, but this will be hard and it will be a first for the USA, as it falls from being the world super power. Behold the Kings of the East, they ride swift and with them the fire of God, anointed to bring destruction.