While all Hell Is Breaking Loose, So Is A Revival, See This Jason A Video

Published on May 28, 2016
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A Look at Events from the Past Week: Prophecy in the News Something Strange is Going On "A New World Order is Now Being Built"- Chuck Hagel end times blackhawk helicopters military training across America transgender LGBT agenda current world news Jason A

In this new video, it has much of the same transgender, but in Coventry R.I., I consider my home on Earth to be little R.I. I always will, have in laws in Coventry used to go there a lot and the state park and things very nice place. The Fire Department and flags see that.

All over the USA black hawk helicopters and night drills non stop. Did you kn ow it costs more to fly helicopters then Jets? True.
I am in the direct flight path of Ft Irwin, I have been in the area 7 years almost of late I have seen massive helicopter flying around a first, this year 2016.

Some strange stuff in this video, beyond belief how reprobate the world has become, and will a Holy God not bring more and more Judgment.

In the videos , the end it shows big marches and revivals around the world, huge, Japan, Brazil, other places, so while all hell is breaking lose the lord is breaking forth as well.
May the lord do like wise in the USA. The last video showed a big holy outbreak in W. Virginia. The devil is trying everything, evil is making its move and still God and his people will never be stopped.