Audio Sermon- The Need For The Holy Spirit-Evangelist-Pastor Dr. Dan Abaldo-Blessed Pentecost May 15, 2016-50 killed on Pentecostd

Published on Oct 25, 2013
Note In 2013 the lord was pouring out a mighty out pouring on us, it has just started again, times goes by so fast. The Death of the 50 People will provide more gun control; and oddly this flase flag took pace on Pentecost
This audio sermon was a free flow sermon. All day my wife and I were praying and being in the presence of the lord. A welsh type outpouring has started in our little wilderness Church-Desert home mission ministry. It started before we obtained the new , large mission home. A rental, big. around 6 months now a fresh outpouring has been happening. On Oct 20 2013 everything changed, a powerful outpouring hit and has not let up one moment. In this sermon about the Holy Spirit, After, at the end we pray for the listener ti be filled or re-filled, than I close, and we say keep seeking and praying, we do not record worship, only the sermons. After the sermon we spent a good long while in prayer , as we hope the listener does tarry after the word, know we prayed long and the glory was falling, we hope and pray many are filled or re-filled with the real deal.

We are sound doctrine, and not a bogus neo-Charismatic ministry, in the vain of my virtual mentor 33 years David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravinhill. If you know these men, you will know us, for we are what they were, while being oneself , we are all different, but we all have our influences, we renounce the manifest sons of God, the apostolic movement third wave, now fourth wave revival camp, and the word of faith prosperity Gospel. These are false doctrines, and the MSOG are tables of devils. This is in order, but in might and power as we lift only Jesus higher, the head of this ministry.

The lord has started manifesting his glory. I ask in the audio if anyone else is having this outpouring, not ones I just mentioned we renounce, but the true remnant bride of Christ. Email us, let us know. Thanks and I pray the lord touches and moves hearts and spirits in this word.