Events that could happen-Thoughts-Some Are With in Weeks, Specific dates and Time Frame

Note: I am not saying all this is Prophecy, some is, it is mostly prudent observation and how I feel things will play out and even when.

The Brexit vote passes, the powers that be, shoot it down, riots in the U.K.( June 23-24 2016)-Or the election is rigged no matter what, it will not pass, I thought It would, now prudence says different.

More ISIS false flags and terror attacks Paris, Germany, England.

Martial law in parts of E.U. More chaos, police state EU first.

ISIS so called sleeper cells attack SF. NY, LA?, Boston. At Gay Bars, Places , same as Orlando, or?

Soon-Gov. says bankruptcy and riots start -after EU , and martial law isolated first, and slowly spreads, more killings and a Gun grab by Government hard cor, this starts a second revolution.

Riots due to the Trump loss at the Republican convention- via stole from him and this causes riots. This happens soon as they steal the caucus votes- electoral votes- and put in another Cruz, Romney. Added-or another, but someone else. Police action at the Democratic convention and republican convention esp the republican convention. But there will most likely be no election, this has been said before, I have a gut feeling this time, it will really happen.

A bio weapon or super virus is all over as are great EQ'a and volcanoes.

More inner city terrorist attacks and election suspended, and Martial law instilled, the purge begins.

Famine, no food, disaster after disaster-food, famine, no food. FEMA camps fully engaged.

2016 will be the year of huge terror attacks, natural God disasters, martial law, a break down of society elections canceled. 2016.

The summer of hell, uprisings, riots, as said isolated Martial law, at first, and next full.

ATM -virus Banks- close permanently, only cash in hand will be able to get many out of cities and by back roads and great danger, avoid driving near large cities on the travel.

2016 this will happen, summer, fall, or early winter, but very soon.