I Missed This One-But......We Are Seeing The E.U. Fall Before Our Eyes As The Lord Said Long Ago

 The UK issue, but at present they already have 10's of thousands calling for a re vote, also this odd move now I see the game. The Pound UK was already at a 45 year low, this will cause as it is right now a global black Friday in the stocks and the real shock may be seen on Monday.

They played a different card. The word has always been the EU and UK goes first nest USA, this is the first big thing in the summer of hell-Chaos is 2016, we will see many, many things escalate very fast, it is game on.

This will cause a problem with my beloved Ireland, S and and N. Will again be divided, and other countries, a few, have already said they are voting next to leave the E.U What we are seeing is the fall of the EU in front of our eyes.

Pray saints of God, Fear un- saved, the summer of Chaos has come, the start of the end of life as we know it. It has already started , the lord said this a little while ago, and we had the Orlando shooting, Gunmeggedion, the UK exit and more, so it indeed has started. Do not be a head in sand Christian, look at the massive death of birds, fish, massive storms, heat, on and on, it indeed is already underway. Hang on, a bumpy ride this summer and the heat will not help.

Th CA St Law-Gunmeggedion passed may are ready to take up arms, and now using Orlando they will pass a new law to take all guns and control the guns these will continue soi the Guns can me taken and freedom will be lost.

The lord be with you.
I will post a sermon by Wilkerson, It is about how in a moment, an hour all will change and that is what we are seeing.