Strange "Demonic" Attacks Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017)

I reported on this, world  wide demonic beings and strange demonic manifestation. I just saw this posted 3 hours ago. Jason A. The lord said at the same time we would see the lord move in his bride, both are happening.

Beloved we must engage in Holy Ware fare now-In prayer and proclaiming the word. It will take the power of the lord as we have no power aside from his presence.
I hear from people that are 100% confused, broken, broke and hurting and they ask why. The devil comes but to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus was manifest that HE may destroyed the works of the Devil. This is no small matter. Spiritual war fare is serious and it must be engaged in now in the true body of Christ.

Published on Jun 4, 2016

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  1. Dr. Dan you need to see the video of the mass demonic possession that took place in Peru. about 100 school girls that claimed to have seen a man in black. you may want to check more into it.
    here is the link

  2. Yes I covered that in a post.
    Some of it says.
    We are seeing just this.

    Also, a huge increase in demonic manifestations, like in Malaysia, a school closed down and mass hysteria broke out as some teens were messing with the occult and a black clothed, bearded man was seen by students and teachers, this was in one of Jason A's videos.

    What this all says to me.

    This is the final revival-Awakening- global, before the economy falls, ww3-Martial Law, and utter fall of the world as we know it.

    This same thing happened in the N.T. when Jesus was on Earth in the Flesh, God in the flesh, a big outbreak of demonic activity was happening, we read of this continuing all through the N.T.

    WE are seeing this again, as the events are on us, and shows me, we can expect as we are seeing a great move of the lord.

    The 2016 Prophecy said to many of you reading this, 'As hell on earth increases so will the manifest presence of Jesus Christ'. You reader, can have a personal awakening today, it is yours. I pray you get in on this move of God. Before full judgments fall, and into the time when the stuff all hits the fan, this will continue in places around the world. I know this is what the lord said and it is, and will be so.

    Thank you for your comment


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