The Biggest Sign of Jesus Return: You will never guess it

Published on Aug 16, 2014

Wayne/Levi Price -- Thank you for your forgiveness and mercy. Everything donated to this ministry is used So that I can continue ministry work FULL TIME. Thank you very much for your Love and Support.

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Note: Another Ministry asking for donations, when I do it i get my head cut off.
Much is put in this site as you wee. I was rebuked for asking on the site , this happens many times.

I just had to say this, to the new reader, this ministry has one single person that gives monthly, we have need'- chop off my head. Listen to Christian Radio all ask for finical help, I almost never do it, and said I would never again, sorry once in a great while I must ask for help. It takes money to run a F.T. on line- off line mission- last day ministry, needs abound. and so hate on me, so be it.

Pray about helping. I make sure to post thousands of messages , current events, bible prophecy, sound doctrine. Free books, Free music, tuition free accredited Bible college a Herbal Christian school, sort of new, all for nothing 100% free, or very low cost.

Times are hard, but I saw a bible book store and people were spending a lot on false, foolish book, so I know we can see some help. Fact, it takes people.

number one need non perishable food, for the ones that will come, and medical things steri strips and medical coverings, and such.
I put 80 hours a week in to this and 'the work man is worthy of his hire 'is he not.

Listen to this truth and radical. Great short video that tells the truth about the false doctrine of a Pre tribulation Rapture.