Word In Due Time-Be Strong And Courageous-June 26, 2016


Be strong and courageous in these last days. Do not fear what is yet to come. I am in full control, nothing is out of My control. I know the end from the beginning. I reveal new and hidden things as I wish and at My time. I am Omnipotent, I Reign by My Great Power and Glory. I am the King of Glory, the Light of the world and the only Savior of the world.

The enemy knows his time is running out. Do not be fearful, be strong and courageous. You must fight this battle for souls, every soul is precious and the lives of many are at stake. The devil has destroyed many and is seeking to destroy more. Do not fall prey to him in these days. He is the father of all lies and the destroyer. He is your enemy and not your friend. Do not let him catch you off guard. Put on My full Armor every day so that you will be able to stand against all his wiles.

The enemy knows that I will expose them and I will reveal their secrets. Nothing is hidden from Me. Do not fear evil people, they can only do what I allow them. Do not lose hope nor be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. Keep your focus on Me and stay on course. My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Things will not be the same, changes are coming. Be always ready and prepared. Be vigilant, watchful and praying. Put all your hope and trust in Me and follow My guidance and leading only. I am for you, not against you. You are My beloved children, I am always with you. Be strong and courageous.

Note: The lords watchmen and watch women that are true, sound doctrine, bible loving Christians are getting the same word. I put the words in red, these are in a nut shell the words all watchmen are getting. We have many witnesses on this, so I pray reader you heed.