100% Tuition Free Herb School, Payment Plan, Super cheap Price, Not A Cheap School

The herb school has not had many views, it is re done and it has a lot. I came up with a payment plan due to hard times.

25.00 every two weeks, or 50.00 once a month, two times, total for each diploma level is only 100.00, and that is with a free soft copy of diploma and transcript. I am cutting payment down, as my own mission, prep work is in desperate need of a solar unit. In Mojave Desert will need this. I love to teach, or I would not even have this going, it is as good if not better than all herb schools.

One board member I asked, what do you think the issue is? He said its so low people think its a scam., it is not, my herb blog and the old school are around 4 years old, my separate ministry website and 100% free bible college, free books, music, I am not about money. This school is a burden I have and its a win , win deal, you get a great cost for a top notch herbal school and guild and we get a solar unit .

Juts Google my name Danny Abaldo and go from there. You will see I have been around a while and have offered all free. This is a super low cost herb school, but see all I offer free on the internet, and have for a number of years.
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