A New E Book On Satan By Dr John Birley

Dr John Birley is the Board member in the 100% free Bible college that is the PHD professor.
I have known Dr John a while now. He is like minded sound doctrine, he is reformed, so tell me a full Gospel sound doctrine person can not bridge the gap of differences in Jesus, amen.

A few weeks before Dr John got his current Pastoral role, I told him, I saw in my mind and in my spirit, I saw him behind a pulpit and he would get that ministry Job, well. He did , just as the lord said, yes God still speaks.

His ministry is in S.Korea.

His Church page, ministry link is at,


The book can be downloaded off of scrib and the linkl for that is to the right free books, the direct link to this book is at,


Good for study groups or individuals that seek a clear, easy to understand study on Satan.