Amazing sermon that will go down in history -Plus A Family Pic-My Little Girl Is Gone

From left to right.
Peggy ( Margaret) Colene, Me, Nicholas
I was praying the lord woulkd keep my daughter on the mission fieldShe left back to Maione. I am sad, but we had 11 months together.

Love each moment, embrace life, wlk in the light and never give up.

I have my office-grow room, video room back, buyt feels empty, yet it is a need to have that room for ministry.

Trying to share with many, and on this site the Charles Novak fund, getting his family to Yermo and to be my co helper. It has gone nowhere as far as help. Pray with me, this is huge I need help OK.

Now the sermon. 

This is from 2001 part of the old sermon Carter conlon preached the first sundayafter 911, that is the man I am used to. I see changes and with almost all ministers, I pray for the remnant in NY and other big cities.

 This is just over 22 min long. It is the sermon Run by Carter Conlon. First time I heard the whole, or most of it.