Christian Spiritual Ware fare- War -4th Of July Word-A Call For Action

Pro 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.


Proverbs 21:31
The horse is prepared against the day of battle,.... The horse is a warlike creature, and was much used formerly, as now, in war; these are prepared against the day of battle, to mount the cavalry with; and men are apt to put too great confidence in them: this is mentioned instead of all other military preparations and instruments of war;

But safety is of the Lord; a horse is a vain thing for safety, Psa_33:17; victory is only of the Lord; salvation depends upon him; it is he that covers men's heads in the day of battle, and gives them victory over their enemies: or "salvation is of the Lord" (o); this is true of spiritual and eternal salvation, as well as of temporal salvation; it is of the Lord, Father, Son and Spirit; and so is the safety of the saints; and their final perseverance to eternal glory.

" Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the lord"

" The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church'

" For this reason was the lord manifest, that he would destroy the works of the enemy"

" Put on on the whole armor of God that you be able to stand in the day of Evil' (Paraphrase)

" And after doing all ( Putting on the whole armor) To stand....Stand"

Time reader to make your stand. Against the little foxes to the big giants that come only to steal, kill and destroy.
The size matters not, one big Giant of trouble, or several little foxes, both do the same damage.

This 4th of July will not be a celebration of our nations independence, just a lot of noise, colors and awe.
I do not want to ruin anyone's holiday, nor what it stands for.
Know this, the lord says this will be Americas last 4th of July celebration.
I weep, I anguish over whats coming and what is already happening.

I was reading news, events attacks it is so overwhelming one could go nuts.
You do not need to be a prophet to see what is what. More attacks, more loss of freedom, more uprisings, more war, more damage to a dead economy, all this and martial law, we need no one to point this out.
I do not know what the lord has been speaking to you about, but many witnesses by ones I feel are the real deal, it seems all are getting the same word, similar words and its the fall of our nation and the EU.

The lord has been speaking to me about how urgent the time is, I have said this a few years, it is more urgent now , it is critical urgent.

I yell ,”Prepare, prepare, make holy war in prayer, get ready, hard days coming state side, prepare, prepare, for the fall is near.”

This is why I have been in fervent prayer for a few close ones and why I am pleading for help to get Novac and family to the mission field. I have a very well planned 200 pg Mission protocol, I have spoke of this, but it takes others, body's and finances. Al has changed so fast.

This is why we have been praying, preparing for this time, NOW, yes this time in history.

Pastor Novac was ordained and is still doing more college work, being mentored much.

4 years ago the big fund raiser was mind blowing, this is as big, if not bigger to raise funds , this off line ministry must have others. Training of them and made ready. If things hold off a couple months or a few or a month?

This will save people, a refuge in our lord, miracles and provision.

This is huge and it looks impossible, but the lord said it wold be, how? I do not know.

If the lord has spoken to you, called you to come to the Goshen mission refuge please email me, we now must have others. Different skills. My most valuable thing is the Timothy I have wept over many times , it only took 5 years LOL.

The readership is way down as I wrote, I still see many come from all over the world.

I pray the lord puts on hearts to help with getting the Novac family to the mission field. From Chicago to Yermo, a long trip.

Spirit warfare has been non stop and it is expected esp when things get closer and the battle rages.

If you believe as I do,you would see the urgency of getting helpers on the mission , in Yermo to start, after it hits on the grounds.

It is spiritual warfare for anyone that is trying to do the lords will the enemy will never let up, but he is defeated.

The lord has given me the go, and great faith on this.

If the lord can save by many or few so be it, few it is. When ministers traveled from place to place when they were ready to depart the Church-Place they were at helped with needed funds and food for the ministers travel.

I have faith, the lord can do it , one more time, one more out pouring of giving as 4 years ago.

I know that I know this can be so. God works through you reader.

The bible college was accredited yet again by another, it is no longer called tuition free , but 100% free, as it started, no administration fee, free soft copy docs, only one in the world, some have come, over the years much has been done by the humble college, the Herb school is so low in payments and it is a need to learn your herbs and medical things now, yo need to know NOW how to care for yourself and others.

The Free e-books several to download free and read, we have always been a non 501 C 3 ministry and have always offered everything fro free, so this ministry has planted good seed, it has been a while now.
I have faith we will now reap some help to maker the off line refuge all the lord has called it to be.

Pray on a sacrificial love offering, I know it can happen one more time.
The need is Now, its real, and I know the lord will speak to hearts.

Called to come,. Leave a populated city come, pray,. Help us do spiritual warfare.
The best way to see this done is, come to yermo or near by so your able to get to the mission refuge. Rents are cheap in the area. A call to have some relocate to the area, when in the area when you can, you would come to te mission and pray, have meetings, and learn to to things, teach others your skills. Decent and in order, but with a since of urgency.
Come now, call, email me, help with the Novac family and things.

The lord indeed is our protector and refuge, the lord is setting up similar ministries like this all over the USA and the world, it is a need, a coming together. A call, a plea, let us come together while we can. The window is short and hard days are on us and coming,much prayer is the call, much prayer.

July 4th, it will not be like others in history, it will be the last celebration of our freedom and liberty.

Note: The Pope and The queen both said separate this would be the last Christmas, I recall they were saying last year not this year, so evil says things and evil must let us know what the spin is and events.
Watchmen and women world wide are getting the same word, so it has been confirmed, beloved the lord be with you and be in fervent prayer. Its war time, bot camp is over,take your battle stations.