Global Chaos- Fast And Furious Events- Today Its On Us Now

I have been posting messages concerning the UK situation, riots, protests would happen and it is not a done deal. This footage shows it has began as the word said. 

June 2017 Update-What are we seeing rise dramatically? Is full Martial Law in England, I thought the USA would be first, maybe the UK is ahead and going on with the coming purge.

More ISIS attacks, almost weekly , or daily increase as said.

Christian persecution coming the UN military vehicles I posted its all happening.

Mark my humble words, riots will be seen in this month, July 2016, will be the start of get out of Dodge if you can. Be in Prayer this is getting very serious.

The prudent Foresees, do you not yet see, foresee? The simple pass on and are caught in a trap.

I have just 3 current events , in one day, not counting the wild storms everywhere.

My Daughter knows many, many military men, she has shown on Facebook and emails these men are saying right now, they are training inside FEMA trains, trucks, and FEMA prisons, to see how hot and bad it is. WE have places calling national emergency's almost daily, on and on and on. 2016- summer of hell is already in full swing and summer just started.

Get serious, pray, seek the lord. Our lord knows what he is doing and how He will keep his true people in the NOW and days coming.

SF is due for an attack as it is stated it is the Gay capital of the world. The fact is , it is the Gay capital ion the USA believe it or not , please google this for yourself, where is the place that claims it is the worlds gay capital? Jerusalem, amazing. Look for your self.

These Attacks False flags mostly , but it matters not the who, it matters it will be so. The lord is allowing all this, or it would not be.

I implore you, get ready, spiritually first, but get ready now. The UN military is all over the place, why? Military men-women forced to partake in the heat and suffering of FEMA trailers, small buildings , trains, all confirmed, so think nothing is up?

The RNC will be a big trigger point, when you see this know it is time to move on if you will be doing that, if staying where you are at, food and water, self protection It is on us.

Repent, repent, come to the lord Jesus, he is your only hope.

Aerial Shots: Anti-Brexit protesters gather in London-It Has Started

Published on Jul 2, 2016

More than 40,000 people were estimated to march through London Saturday in hope of pressuring politicians to keep Britain in the European Union.

Bangladesh Dhaka cafe hostage siege: 20 civilians killed, 13 freed, ISIS claims responsibility

Published on Jul 2, 2016

Bangladeshi forces stormed a Dhaka cafe where up to 10 gunmen had taken dozens of people hostage, killing 20. Thirteen others were rescued and 6 gunmen were killed by police. Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack.

UN Global police force to fight Christian Extremists

Published on Jul 2, 2016

Join Zach Drew, Sasha Volz, and Andrew Bellers as they discuss the United Nations creating a GLOBAL police force to fight Christian ‘extremists’ on our own soil.