How to make it through Martial Law and the Mark of the Beast

I do not care for some of his theology, a lot is OK, look at what you see on every video.  NOTE: Monday you may see things on day one, shuffles and more, into the end of the RNC, I tell you if the Big event happens not it will be during the DNC, understand. George Soros-DR Evil, has threatened, if Trump wins the nomination, he has many groups, well funded and promised a civil war, the likes the USA has never seen. Why is he not in jail is this not a treat against the USA?

I learned many are indeed going well armed, Ohio is open carry..hmmm. Bikers for trump and others are going armed and ready, it will be a crazy time. Be in prayer, watch this video and see a taste, it is a bit dramatic, a taste of the coming days. Hard to watch some of it, be warned.

I was in study of Ps 91, a deep study, the lord gave great comfort in this Ps, all should know it well. Fear not, stand strong as the summer of Chaos and hell continue, also understand it would not be, if the lord was not allowing it- Judgmnent.

Published on Jul 17, 2016
Tribulation Saints