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This was Just posted. The hour is late, what will you do?

Chris White, I posted his video, he debunks many of the sounds, not all, but most. If you hear birds at all it's the same thing. Things are going so fast. I could give a list of the past 7 days I will not to much. Accept Jesus the fall is near.

This video deals mostly with on going massive wild life die off. This is wild and its been a while now, of late it has really picked up, if you think this is nothing, or something to take lightly, or it is not a sign from God-Judgment, it may be to late to wake you up.

Sea life is a main food crop, it spells drought, no food, famine all over, drought all over and the oceans will have no food. A real full famine has started do the research.

Climate Change is real, it is not by cars as the so called cap and trade think. It is a fact weather is changing. Note: This has happened before, we saw a mini ice age not that long ago. Now we are facing droughts due to extreme weather. It is in part as the Navy says, we will own the weather by 2020-2025, weather warfare is real, the Navy will own the weather.

The facts as follows.

The above PDF link title is' Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025

Above link in the post says;

OTW - "Owning The Weather" - has become the credo of the Pentagon. If under present and foreseeable circumstances atomic, chemical, and biological weapons cannot be used, OTW has come to be viewed by U.S. planners as the key to sustaining their country's military and economic dominance in the 21st century. They stress that continued U.S. leadership in frontier technologies will be indispensable to achieving the objective. In an article in a military journal in February 1992, General Sullivan stated: "Today warfare is dependent more on the microprocessor than on the steel mill." In another article he asserted that the U.S. "must have over-matching technology that will provide the means to apply overwhelming and decisive combat power" against an adversary. Through continuous modernisation and effective exploitation of leading-edge technologies U.S. researchers must find new systems that would offer increased range and lethality.

By implementing such a strategy, the U.S. could achieve "the definitive overmatch capabilities that we seek," Sullivan declared. General Jimmy Ross emphasised the vital importance of "winning the information war", at a symposium on the theme sponsored by the Association of the U.S. Army in February 1994. "OTW is crucial to out-thinking the enemy and winning the information war, controlling the environment for round-the-clock continuous operations and executing precision strikes," he argued.

I could give many more links, you see its the GOV saying this not conspiracy nuts. This will bring down the current Babel , very soon as we see happening today.

I have been in study how the lord said concerning rain, drought and such, He alone is the one that can make it rain, or not rain, so what do we do now man can do what God said is reserved for him?

It can only be yet another reason soon for an EMP or? will take us back many years, God will take down in his time current Babel.

One of many, many verses says it;

Jer 14:22 Are there any among the vanities of the Gentiles that can cause rain? or can the heavens give showers? art not thou he, O LORD our God? therefore we will wait upon thee: for thou hast made all these things.

I tell you today, this evidence of weather manipulation-Tesla science, weather wars, are real. Our lord sees this as evil says, 'we are god' One verse says if such things the lord put into divine order can change his covenant with the Jews will be at an end, the Lucifarians know the bible, they create chaos using a cloche of what the word says. They think now they can do such things they are god, and their god satan is the real one god.

Ever notice in spell check why it always wants you to make satan with a capital S, satan, not Satan, grammar, but a mind game, I will not capitalize satan, ever thought of this?

Man can do things non of us would believe, our lord sees all he sees all and hears all evil is planning, he allows it all to a degree as his rod of correction. There are many things our lord will not let TPTB do, or get away with.
I once again sound the alarm, awake ye that slumber, get series, be ready in spirit, in mind, thinking , your feelings about things, put it away and let God be God and watch what he does and is now doing.

Beloved remnant you have nothing to fear. The post below this is 100% different so read that one. A different message for a different time. Get it deep in your soul, God loves you and you are not called to wrath,but get up, arise that has been from God the last few messages why? It is time, yes it is time and it has already started.

Lastly, you readers that have come a while know, the lord said the EU will crumble, this was well before current events 7 years ago it was given and now other Countries in the E U. want out, it is crumbling before our eyes and the prophecy is coming true today, the rest of the word, once the EU falls within days it will come to the USA. This is what we are starting to see in the USA, yes it has already started so stop looking for a big event, events, things are now happening daily. Be ready, be willing to do whatever the lord tells you, Obey and walk, or sit, stay, flee, whatever, Just do not put off matters .

Now the video.