Ok Update How To Change You IP, Notice I am on my Desk top now. Srep by step Amazing Fix

I know I am not the only one facing, Internet wars. I just tried this from a 2 min YT video.
It works.
Go down to start-Run-type in cmd.
A black box opens up, looks like old DOS system this is the command window. Once in the black box type in ipconfig/release
This will temporally close your internet connection, this is normal, proceed.
Next type in, after you do the above and hit enter.
ipconfig/renew   close.
On line is back on and you have a different I P. It works as I can say I could not do anything on blog spot or you tube, yes You tube sign in was as it should be.

Note: Also if you use skype as I just did with Pastor Charles, skype carptuers your IP and you are back to sdaqaure one, so do not use skype. Thats not god, but it is a fact.
Certain games will do the same thing.

 Internet wars, I.P tracking, this makes the point they can hit you IP address and block you out. PTL , I love beating the internet system.

If anyone esle has this IP , ,locked out issue this fast easy was is how you can do it and get back to what you were doing.

Thank you for your prayers on this.

I will post a message in a bit. I am just loving this 3 day game I was on and glad, for now, its over.

The link to the short video is at,