Re Post Prophecy For 2016-Given Dec 2015

This was a long post, I will give the link, it has a lot of meat. In this post I want to just re-post what the word for 2016 was, and given in Dec 2015.

 Prophecy- Vision Dec 2015; (This is for 2016)

I was praying in the office, same place as  the last two events- the office- prayer room- is the place, almost always. It could be anywhere, and in past prophecy and words It was in other places.

I was praying fervent, I was praising the lord God Jehovah over and over, and suddenly I saw the storm coming as before, this time it was far more loud and more intense. The lord said;

“ From the East-West-South-North, America you will be visited by my whirlwind, my tumult is on you, many waters will flood over you ( Waters in Prophecy almost always means People) armies will come, and my wrath will be poured out, My holy, mighty whirlwind, tempest is on you NOW, 2015 was called the year of Chaos, I say today, 2016 is also year of chaos as well, but triple as bad as it was in 2015, behold the destruction is near'.

I heard the thunder, the lighting, each time I saw hundreds of lighting strikes all around the property and the boltz turned into warring Angels, the lord said to me, “ Fear not, there are more with you, than against you, fear not, trust me:.

I have been told this before, no prophetic predictions this time, I said lord if you have anything you want your bride and world to know please speak, the lord simply spoke with the small still voice and said, "All that has been said has been said, grace is over, protection on the West is over, ww3, and economic collapse, birth pains will increase, and in this month DEC 2015" the lord is far from done, yet many more events will take place in DEC 2015, and as said last year by May 2016, we would not recognize America as it now is. The message is the same, only difference, the storm was much, much, more fierce, as I could see a large tempest sweep all of America away.

UPDATE JULY 23, 2016
2015 was wild, 2016, so far has been beyond belief, endless events. Persecution of the true Remanent, laws passed that are 100% tyranny, so many weather event, America has never been more divided, this is not the America I knew, it has changed 100% fast, 2016 is on target so far, and all this will continue non stop. Today another shooting in Germany, Martial law, France, current Martial law, on and on.

The trans gender issue crammed down our throats everyday, false flags, and real attacks, almost daily. Is this the America you knew? Is this the E.U. you knew? all has changed and it will be like this non stop and very fast................
DC and its monuments, again I was told this will be very shortly, it will happen, the Washington Monument cut in half, destroyed, it is an Egyptian Idol, it will be destroyed as all of Americas monuments are brought down. DC will be no more, one of the first places to go, next NY.NY, and Next Seattle and parts of California. This moves into an all out second revolution with the deep south and Texas as the main players in this.

NOTE: Update , later in 2016 the lord said, 'much of the chaos would be in N.E. where it all started as our birth place. Boston, all over N.E.'

Martial law will soon be declared and the internet will be down , as well as the power. This will be the start of the coming Famine.

After the fall, note: after- you will see great disasters hit the West and than it will not stop, and some will be the salvation of some believers that will not go into captivity.

UPDATE July 23, 2016

Events that happened in 2015;

Major World Events in 2015

US first rate hike since 2008. (12-17-2015, 4 Records)
Paris terrorist attack, hundreds dead. (11-13-2015, 35 Records)
Russia intervenes Syria civil war. (10-01-2015, 55 Records)
Flowing liquid water found on Mars. (09-25-2015, 12 Records)
Mecca Hajj stampede, hundreds dead. (09-23-2015, 10 Records)
Volkswagen emission scandal. (09-18-2015, 33 Records)
Migrant crisis of Europe. (08-30-2015, 114 Records)
Microsoft introduces Windows 10. (08-20-2015, 168 Records)
Iran Nuclear Deal Reached. (07-12-2015, 75 Records)
Greece Vote NO to Bailout Deal. (07-04-2015, 53 Records)
Earthquake 7.9 Magnitude hits Nepal. (04-24-2015, 91 Records)
Charlie Hebdo Attack at Paris. (01-07-2015, 55 Records)

DEC 2015 is not over, do not stop watching and praying do this from this point on, as into 2016 we will need to be in watching and praying, study of the word, use the time to study, get hard copy books, box's of pencils, case's of copy printer paper to write.

Know your medical needs and your families, concentrate on what herbs will help,and heal these conditions.

RX and OTC's will be gone, you will need to do what you can to have enough to slowly wean off and than in comes medical herbalist. First aid, advanced first aid, no matter how small a group you have, or just a family. You must be your own DR, Dentist, shrink, you name it, I have been putting up links to free cert-diploma, education, books free to help, this is all for a reason.

Use these resources now and be ready as it is on us beloved and all will come crashing down very,very, soon in the lords mighty whirlwind, behold it is now 100% active, all over the world, mass chaos, confusion, war, and more war.

Banks all over are not allowing anyone to take their money out in any quantity, 10,000 dollar deposit, or withdrawals are now reported and the law now says once you make a deposit into a bank the bank owns your money and not you, did you know this fact, search and see.

This is the word, insight for 2015 to end 2016 the end as we know it.

Current famine in USA is a famine of the word, this has been all over the USA a good 30 plus years and it will only become more apostate, the lord is at hand the day of his vengeance is on the West and other parts of the world.

I end with what I said, DEC 2015, it is far from over and I clearly see some wild things that will happen this year 2015. Let us see, no date setting, just a time frame, but all this is already going on and will increase.

Reader, if you need repent now, come to Jesus Now, the bride, wake up, no secret catching away is coming , do not be deceived into thinking , all this matters not to me , because soon any day, I will be rapture-ed out of all this, I can boldly say, No you will not, why? The bible does not teach this doctrine. Be ready for persecution, hunger, and more, but the lords true bride is going to glory if killed, if left behind, to proclaim the word. All over the globe there will be awakenings we will never hear about , until we are home in glory

Even so lord Jesus Come quickly.