Something You've Never Seen is Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017) Jason A. Just Posted-Plus An Odd Thing We Saw Today A Google Map thing

In This video, more of the same esp. Trans Gender and lose of privacy, oddly today I had a face to face visit with Bob Bannister. This was our third visit. We planned to go to Peggy Sues and do some vids for the site and the free college. WE got to Peggy Sues , today, and they had a Google Maps thing going on. Much of the same points of this video. I will post our little odd thing after.

 Published on Jul 23, 2016

Are we Living in the Last Days? Strange Happenings from around the world in just this last week end times shootings new world order America Europe world news events.

Google Maps Event Peggy Sues Yermo Ca St-Media Came up To Us, I asked About Pokeman

Published on Jul 23, 2016
Me and my Asst Dean of The Bible College, he is a long haul Trucker.
It was our third meeting face to face, we took a drive to Peggy Sues, a Google Maps event was going on. I had my desert gear on and more, We were approached by, I assume Google Media, asked to take a Pick with us. I show some signs posted and other things.

The surveillance state, Pokeman, the google map connection, Media asked about this and walked away, but real nice, man taking my pic, was not. Came up to me as I was dressed in my Desert gear, well.. see the video. In it Christ is lifted up, as we were being filmed and watched.

Note at around the 8 min mark, I was asked if I could have a pic taken, the one man said your in desert gear, other person, listen close, your the only one prepared around here.
I had my normal tan desert cloths on, camel back, RDC knife,  a pouch and military boots on, so they wanted my pic because I looked like the only one prepared at the event, odd thing to say and wanted my pic strange . NOTE AUG 1, 2016-I took this video down why? It was getting results that I did not want. When King Saul was coming against David, the bible says ,'And David acting wisely', later we read as King Saul started to really come after David, we read," And David Acted More wisely, that is profound, times call to be wise, other times, harder times call for in increase in wisdom, to act more wise.

The event above in Text will be enough.