Czech Gov. Tells People to 'Prepare for the Worst' Plus Germany Same Thing. And A Prophecy Aug 25, 2016

Germany is doing the same thing right now, so more than one place. Why?

Published on Aug 25, 2016

The German government has on Wednesday for the first time since the Cold War to approve the concept of civil defense. Under it apparently prompts residents to create a home inventory of food and water in case of attack or other disaster. According to the concept should be able to withstand residents of Germany with their own food supplies to ten days with water at least five days. German opposition criticized the proposal. The government is not wrong to create an atmosphere of fear. Cabinet should approve the concept of civil defense in the middle.
Czech Republic last supplies of food a little over a day

The problem of food supply is struggling and Czech. State Material Reserves Administration in its concept seeks to increase the self-sufficiency of the country for at least two days. Emergency stocks however there lasted only a little over a day. Warehouses are increasingly unable to meet. The aim is for example have three thousand tons of milk powder. To milk the last tender was signed only two candidates in the second part of the tender for skimmed milk nobody came forward.

Germans should stockpile food, water, medicine

Published on Aug 23, 2016

Not reported in UK media, but in many EU countries press, Germans are being told to stockpile food, water and medicine. What is Germany planning or preparing for? WW3 started by the EU?

October Surprise: Obama Is About to Give Dictators Control of the Internet -I Posted This A While go-The Post is at this link,

I wanted to post a video on the OCT 1, 2016 handing over of the internet.

I posted this first, the link,

To-date, almost every day now, I can not sign into any of my sites, I must confirm by phone number, this is almost daily, TPTB want to know everyone's IP, location etc. I am seeing it first hand a big change has started on line 2 months ago, it all points to this as it has to do with domains and IP address so TBTB know your every move, esp via cell phones and Social Media, esp. Face Book. I kid you not.


I have prayed about all the new demonic science man is coming up with, cloning, all out odd things, manipulation of weather, I asked how lord, how can this be, they are ding what you said only you can do, will you take down this modern sconce or just let it be until Judgment day?

I said lord, will the full collapse happen when we are I hot weather? The lord said NO, it will not be in summer, before years end but not in scorching heart, the start of the Fall season will be the fall of much I have said.

I was told my associate mintier and dear Brother Charles Novak would be in Yermo before it all falls, that was all I was told.

The lord said as he has said before.
You will not be taken to a camp, nor die by a virus, you will be spared for a time, to preach and teach my word , the off line mission. The time? I do not know, but for a time, and what will not happen to anyone on this Goshen place will be as said, fear not, see the chariots of fire, my warring angles. I do not cal it a safe haven, but a place that will be like one, for a time, however long, for a time means.

For a time, it will be a safe haven , but not as some think, a paradise or something, it is, and will be very hard, but the lord said, we will see miracles like the second exodus, and it will be by the lord, we pray,. He moves, he is the captain of our salvation and the leader of this of line mission.

See this link.

A lot is going on NOW, Asian Pacific theater heating up huge, armed live fire drills, the Middle East, Russia and USA, proxy war going on today.

Thousand of Christians being killed in middle East esp Syria, we do not read of this fact.

The world has been turned upside down.
Wake up, 2 min before midnight, arise , awake, pray and seek the face of God.