God Waited In The Days Of Noah-Post 2,020

WE have all heard and read many times, " As in the Days of Noah". This message is different from that point. God waited, he waited. The lord is long-suffering, (Patient), full of grace, this time is over beloved, God waited not a few years, but 120 years. That is a long time. The people in Noah's day were warned and given time, but as today, they would not, they laughed at the warning, no one has seen rain in creation to this point, only mist, now a warning of a coming flood, when no one saw rain, that would be hard to understand for them, but warning is not hard to understand and they made their choice to remain in sin, but God warned and waited, warned and waited.

The lord says that day is now, the warnings have been given, the lord has been warning for many years, and now the 120 years is almost up. Grace is almost up. You still have a chance today to repent and come to Christ, that time is short, but God still waits, more will become Christian no matter what happens, God waits, God waits, O he waits.

We could say for the last 120 years we have been in the days of Noah, yes think of it that way. 120 years ago to this time, God has waited, he has sent watchmen on the wall for 120 years, and like in the days of Noah, so few repent, only 8 souls saved and were the ones who re- populated the world. Down fell Babylon before this, and once again it will go down, AFTER, the days of Noah, not before.

1Pe 3:20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.


1 Peter 3:20;

Which sometime were disobedient,.... To all the instructions and warnings which God gave them, to all the strivings of his Spirit, and to the ministry of Christ, by Noah; they continued in their profaneness and impiety, and to corrupt their ways, and fill the earth with violence and wickedness; not believing what they were threatened with, or that ever a flood would come upon them, and destroy them: and this "sometime" refers to the time of their being upon earth, who were now in hell; "to the days of Noah"; hereafter mentioned; and which the Syriac version connects with this clause, reading it thus, "who of old were disobedient in the days of Noah"; at which time it was, that Christ, by his Spirit in Noah, went and preached to them: when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah: that is, when God, who is longsuffering and patient, waited on these disobedient ones, in Noah's time, for the space of an hundred and twenty years:

I tell you today by the Spirit of the lord, the 120 years are almost up. Its your free will, it is your call, repent and go to glory, or stay in sin and dead-ness and be caught un aware.