Internet Issue Fixed PTL-Two Videos On The Power Outage Coming To The West SOON

What Will You do When the Lights Go Out? -Two Vids

I have long warned , one way or another we will see a true national Blackout. This video says the same. It will come, and he speaks about doing a dry run, important. I have also warned TX, USA will be a key place and a front for the civil war.

The lord has told me and shown me many, many, years of this coming black out. Thus it is why the ministry is praying for solar power. I tell you again, soon it will be lights out. Prepare, be warned, if saved, fear not. Be watching and in prayer and alert, ready, for this coming event. IT WILL COME 100% confirmed over and over.

The Vid I am posting, because its truth and it has many good sound pointers.

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Published on Aug 15, 2016

Delta Airlines recently experienced what it called a power outage in its home base of Atlanta, Georgia, causing all the company’s computers to go offline—all of them. This seemingly minor hiccup managed to singlehandedly ground all Delta planes for six hours, stranding passengers for even longer, as Delta scrambled to reshuffle passengers after the Monday debacle.

Where Delta blamed its catastrophic systems-wide computer failure vaguely on a loss of power, Georgia Power, their power provider, placed the ball squarely in Delta’s court, saying that “other Georgia Power customers were not affected”, and that they had staff on site to assist Delta.

Whether it was a true power outage, or an outage unique to Delta is fairly insignificant. The incident was a single company without power for six measly hours, yet it wreaked much havoc. Which brings to mind (or at least it should) what happens when the lights really go out—everywhere? And just how dependent is the U.S. on single-source power?

When you hear about the possible insufficiency, unreliability, or lack of resiliency of the U.S. power grid, your mind might naturally move toward the extreme, perhaps National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. Talks about what a U.S. power grid failure could really mean are also often likened to survivalist blogs that speak of building faraday cages and hoarding food, or possibly some riveting blockbuster movie about a well-intentioned government-sponsored genetically altered mosquito that leads to some zombie apocalypse.

But in the event of a power grid failure—and we have more than our fair share here in the U.S.—your survivalist savvy may be all for naught.

This horror story doesn’t need zombies or genetically altered mosquitos in order to be scary. Using data from the United States Department of Energy, the International Business Times reported in 2014 that the United States suffers more blackouts than any other developed country in the world.

 Video two.


Published on Nov 4, 2015

Note: Ted Koeppel is a member of the CFR, thus his book, and a lot of coverage, but a good amount of true advice, a scare deal, but true.

I know nothing of this you tuber, just goes with the top video.

Ted Koeppels Lights Out book finally addresses what many self sustainable homesteaders have been advocating. The glaring fact that its not going to be a matter of IF the American Power Grid is going to be attacked, but WHEN! Ted Koppel's Lights Out argues that not only is the government not prepared.... But the average American isn't either. Many Americans need to rethink their dependence on the grid and start waking up to the very real possibility that one day that light switch may not turn on for a VERY LONG time. And its not just the lights we need to be concerned about. Its water, food, sanitation.!
Starry talks about this and points out, a little preparation goes along ways! Start waking up today....get off the grid with your thinking!!