pink boa snake very rare -Old Vid, It was Week 2 On The Misson Filed, A PTL, Some Words Time Goes By So Fast

7 min old video I found. Has a message .

Published on Mar 26, 2014
I did not know in the video what the snake was until later, I did say it seems like a boa ,as it was wrapping strongly around my hand, very, very, rare snake, A great pink Boa, I later found form the net a man willing to pay almost %K for that snake, I said there goes our needed car LOL. oh well. Short message about our desert mission and how sin is like the pink boa colorful, and all short video just posted one on a side wider, today filmed a very large Gardner snake wow that was huge may up load that as well? At the time we were doing an estate yard sale for someone, and rains flooded it all ( After almost a month of the yard sale LOL ), this brought the snake to us, and we got to keep a lot of stuff for the mission month 2 on the grounds last July.

This was over a couple years, we need your support today please help us thank you.