Wednesday, August 31, 2016

There Are Secret Rooms Not Yet Opened To Us- Jesus Invites Us To Enter Them

NOTE: Pray for me, I have had no internet, off and on, still IP issues, things I have never seen in my many years doing online things.
This is a key indicator that the fall of the internet is upon us. This year 2016.

On one site I am listed as being in Canada? Serious, this war to stay on line, connected, not blocked out of my own websites, is a daily war now. I Must have your prayers on this.

You may not notice it. I do, as I use the internet 10 hours a day. I notice it, also internet censuring I see it everyday, this all points to Christian Persecution, loss of a free internet and a state ran, global ran 1984 Big Brother internet world.

2016; from Sept to December, before 2017, you will see shocking events, some you will not hear of because of no internet, or a censored global internet. 2016 the big push, the end game . The EU is falling apart big time, right now. The lords word warned us of this for many years, once the EU goes belly up, right after, it will come to the USA.

I will post more on this, IF I have internet access.

Now the message I was given.

There Are Secret Rooms Not Yet Opened To Us- Jesus Invites Us To Enter Them.

I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love.”

- Hos_11:4

Hos 11:1 When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.

Hos 11:2 As they called them, so they went from them: they sacrificed unto Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.

Hos 11:3 I taught Ephraim also to go, taking them by their arms; but they knew not that I healed them.

Hos 11:4 I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat unto them.

Our heavenly Father often draws us with the cords of love; but ah! how backward we are to run towards him! How slowly do we respond to his gentle impulses! He draws us to exercise a more simple faith in him; but we have not yet attained to Abraham’s confidence; we do not leave our worldly cares with God, but, like Martha, we cumber ourselves with much serving.

Our meagre faith brings leanness into our souls; we do not open our mouths wide, though God has promised to fill them. Does he not this evening draw us to trust him? Can we not hear him say, “Come, my child, and trust me. The veil is rent; enter into my presence, and approach boldly to the throne of my grace. I am worthy of thy fullest confidence, cast thy cares on me.

Shake thyself from the dust of thy cares, and put on thy beautiful garments of joy.” But, alas! though called with tones of love to the blessed exercise of this comforting grace, we will not come. At another time he draws us to closer communion with himself.

We have been sitting on the doorstep of God’s house, and he bids us advance into the banqueting hall and sup with him, but we decline the honour.

There are secret rooms not yet opened to us; Jesus invites us to enter them, but we hold back.

Shame on our cold hearts! We are but poor lovers of our sweet Lord Jesus, not fit to be his servants, much less to be his brides, and yet he hath exalted us to be bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, married to him by a glorious marriage-covenant.

Herein is love! But it is love which takes no denial. If we obey not the gentle drawings of his love, he will send affliction to drive us into closer intimacy with himself. Have us nearer he will. What foolish children we are to refuse those bands of love, and so bring upon our backs that scourge of small cords, which Jesus knows how to use!


Psa 25:14 The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.


Psalms 25:14
The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him,.... The secret of his purposes with them; as his purpose according to election; his resolution to redeem his chosen ones by his Son; his design to call them by his grace; his predestination of them to the adoption of children, and eternal life; which are the deep things of God the Spirit of God reveals; and all which are made manifest to them in effectual calling; and the secret of his providences is with them; some are made known to them that fear the Lord before they come to pass; as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to Abraham, with many other instances in the Old Testament; see Amo_3:7; and what is the book of the Revelation but a revelation of the secrets of Providence, from the time of Christ and his apostles, to the end of the world?

The Lord has his chambers and secret places, into which he brings them, and where they dwell.

Hebrew Secret;


From H3245; a session, that is, company of persons (in close deliberation); by implication intimacy, consultation, a secret: - assembly, counsel, inward, secret (counsel).


A primitive root; to set (literally or figuratively); intensively to found; reflexively to sit down together, that is, settle, consult: - appoint, take counsel, establish, (lay the, lay for a) found (-ation), instruct, lay, ordain, set, X sure.

Amo 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Secert in this verse is the same hebrew word.

This holy secret, we listen to the lord in prayer, his word, he lets us know his will, way, illumination, and more. It comes in secert before we are to say a word, or it will not be a word from the throne, but a word from well meaning flesh.

Amo 3:8 The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

To some Prophecy is teaching, preaching the word, this is under a divine anointing, unction. It is not mystical it is powerful.
I have said before and in my Book on the NT Prophets. The Prophet John the Baptists was considered the greats of all, he did no miracles, no predictive prophecy, he preached repentance. The mark of a true Christian that has entered the secret place will come to the public with a word from the lord and it will be at times, Repent.

Amos 3:8 is like when Paul wrote,

Woe unto me if I do not preach the Gospel, also how shall the people hear unless a preacher comes, and a preacher must be sent. Paraphrase.

Secret rooms are experiences we have, deeper revelations of the holy bible and of Jesus Christ in the secret rooms, we are taking from glory to glory and from faith to faith, each is a secret room, and many have not entered into these rooms, because they feel what they have is enough and what they have is all they need.

O lord open hearts and eyes, how can anyone say I have enough of the presence of Jesus?
How can anyone say they have experienced all they need in this life?
How can anyone feel they have seen the lords glory and will never see it again?

O' saints of the lord, push on, press on, break through, hold on, wait on, see the presence of Jesus Christ, become a deeper reality in your belief.
Another secret room awaits you today.

Confirmation to message below-Just saw it.
August 31


"My soul followeth hard after Thee: Thy right hand upholdeth me."-- Psa_63:8.

THERE ARE three notes in this Psalm which betoken the stages of the soul's growth: "My soul thirsteth for Thee"; "my soul shall be satisfied"; "my soul followeth hard after Thee." We may be passing through a wilderness of spiritual drought, the dark night of the soul, the seasons of dryness and depression which are apt to befall.

In some cases, as when Elijah asked to die, or when John sent his despairing question to Christ from his prison, it is the result of physical or mental overstrain. But at such times, let us never hesitate still to speak of God as "'my God." Nothing can sever you from His everlasting Love. You may not have the glad consciousness of it, but you must never surrender your belief in it. Go on blessing Him, as long as you live, and lift up your hands in prayer.
But we can never be satisfied with what we have attained. God is ever moving forward! Let us follow hard after Him.

Living or dying, Lord, I would be Thine. Draw me day by day nearer to Thyself, until I be wholly filled with Thy love, and fitted to behold Thee face to face. AMEN.

Spurgeon today, not related to message, but an issue with my wife. Pray for Peggy, she just got in from a specialist and he told her her blood results are alarming, not good and critical. This was a thing I just heard 10 min ago. I sparked up e-sword and read this, its what all who are suffering and need faith must do.

“On mine arm shall they trust.”
- Isa_51:5
In seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust to, and is therefore compelled to cast himself on his God alone.

 When his vessel is on its beam-ends, and no human deliverance can avail, he must simply and entirely trust himself to the providence and care of God. Happy storm that wrecks a man on such a rock as this! O blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God and God alone! There is no getting at our God sometimes because of the multitude of our friends; but when a man is so poor, so friendless, so helpless that he has nowhere else to turn, he flies into his Father’s arms, and is blessedly clasped therein! When he is burdened with troubles so pressing and so peculiar, that he cannot tell them to any but his God, he may be thankful for them; for he will learn more of his Lord then than at any other time.

Oh, tempest-tossed believer, it is a happy trouble that drives thee to thy Father! Now that thou hast only thy God to trust to, see that thou puttest thy full confidence in him. Dishonour not thy Lord and Master by unworthy doubts and fears; but be strong in faith, giving glory to God. Show the world that thy God is worth ten thousand worlds to thee. Show rich men how rich thou art in thy poverty when the Lord God is thy helper. Show the strong man how strong thou art in thy weakness when underneath thee are the everlasting arms.

Now is the time for feats of faith and valiant exploits. Be strong and very courageous, and the Lord thy God shall certainly, as surely as he built the heavens and the earth, glorify himself in thy weakness, and magnify his might in the midst of thy distress. The grandeur of the arch of heaven would be spoiled if the sky were supported by a single visible column, and your faith would lose its glory if it rested on anything discernible by the carnal eye. May the Holy Spirit give you to rest in Jesus this closing day of the month.

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