A Post From My Herbal Teaching Blog-Willow Bark and Honey-Pain Killer

Good For Pain -White Willow Bark ( Salix alba) Decoction- Strong, And Honey


 Good For Pain -White Willow Bark ( Salix alba) Decoction- Strong, And Honey
Willow bark is our herbal aspirin. It is better as it does not cause stomach upset. The thing with Willow Bark , and how it works is different than OTC aspirin. Willow bark works up to 24 hours, but not one does. It normally works like this.

You take one dose, normally it may seem it did nothing, after a couple hours take a second dose, why, I am not sure, but its a fact the second dose kicks in and it last a very long time.

You can take powder caps, but far better is as follows.
A tincture dry herb 1:5 WV ratio.
A decoction-The standard decoction is 1 part herb to 32 part water,( 1 Oz herb to 32 Oz water) like an infusion, some call for an infusion to be 1oz herb to 16 oz water, Some herbs are to be done cold, this herb like most, is a hot decoction. The average for a normal strength is let it slow boil, or high simmer 20 min or so. Strain and bring back up to 32 oz water, by measuring the end product , if its 25 Oz fluid add 7 oz more water.

That is the so called rule, I like breaking rules in herbs and so should you, as an herbalist we should often try different, new was of extraction, measurements and different formulas and such. Herbalist practice is a science , but it also an art.

I have a way of using willow for pain a different way, I find it better and more effective, give this a try.

Make a decoction, a strong one, yes I know herbs if it says take 2 caps many thing 4 will work better, not always the case, so breaking some rules , I like that.
I take 1 oz willow bark, in 32 oz water, I slow boil until its reduced to 8 oz. I take the strong decoction of 8 oz and add to quality honey and put in the refrigerator. It keeps a long time. 8 or 16 oz honey and cap. Honey is a good antibacterial esp when applied on a wound, also internal and has other great things honey does. It goes hand in hand with willow bark. Take 1 Tsp, wait 2 hours or 3 and take another tsp, and in a little while you will see the difference, no side effects and you will feel better than OTC N'saids.

Honey is soothing , when taking willow you are doing so because you have pain, not just a head ache , could be head, throat , body, the Honey and willow make a great combination. Make sure to make the decoction strong and add honey, but not to much to this, like a 32 oz jar, only 6, 8, 12 oz of good honey. It will help throat pain, head, body. I take it, it works and no chocking on an OTC pill.

Note, I do the same thing with licorice root and with honey -licorice root its the best. I use this for many reasons it can be used for congestion, and cough, sore throat, but also all the other things licorice root can do.