Announcement Charles Novak Assoc Pastor of This Site Finished His D. Min Degree.

My dear brother in the lord, Charles just completed his D.Min degree. It was one of his life's dreams, amen and congratulations to Charles Novak, now Dr Charles. 

AS many of you know. I have been in anguish for someone to come, a Timothy of sorts- I have prayed for over 7 years a co- minister and servant to come to Yermo CA ST. The mission is in need of him and his family, soon. He wants out of the Chicago area before the stuff hits the fan.

The lord brought us together, we Skype every Sat and email daily. He feels as I do, the lord would have his first FT ministry work be on the Mission in Yermo.

Like myself, we do not get paid a dime. I tried a fund raiser to get him to Yermo, that was a no go, but please, if all reading this would pray the lord does a miracle, as I know the lord said he would to get my brother to Yermo it is 5K for a U-Haul alone, so pray for this big miracle.

The lord said it is done, his way, his time, we both agree time is short before full Judgments fall, so if many pray for this it is a huge need to have a fellow brother in the lord to stand by my side as an equal and stand our last stand for Jesus as we boldly proclaim his name , unto death. 

Thank you for your prayers and please pray for the mission, so much to do outside, but one man can only do so much and run websites and two schools.

Plus, hay I am 56 not young anymore and I need help. LOL.

Bless you, and also pray today against the NYC abomination. The arch of Baal. It is located off Broadway in the park where the Mayors office is. Nice.....,

If you do not know Jesus as your lord and Savior it is time to do so, grace is being lifted and the wall of protection is now down. 

You can put all the food , water, medical stuff away you want, without Jesus all that is in vain.