Viral Asteroid And Tsunami- Debunked-not Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!We Are All Dead In A Day Or Two -Plus No Pre- Trib Rapture

 NOTE: I am adding more things to this post- a redo.

Same thing last Sep 2015, mass hysteria, people closing YT channels, I said, worm wood- is on the 3rd trumpet, not now. Yes 1,000 vids of the rapture happening same time, start of tribulation. WE are all dead in a day or two. Lord God.

The so called number 23 anomaly, remember the movie with Jim Carrey called the 23?  he saw the number everywhere drove him crazy and more. He would see all numbers, all things always came up to 23. He was a evil person in the movie, and was a killer etc. This 23 thing is causing on line mass hysteria, like war of the worlds old radio broadcast long ago.

We will see no asteroid, or tsunami this month, the lord said these things start after Judgments fall, not now, we are not going in to the tribulation this month, watch see who is right, calm down do not fear, nor listen to this stuff.

I found a site that put it well about the Sept 2015 Comet, also Some  are so exited and happy they say we will be raptured any day, surprise, surprise .

One year ago folks, do people not remember this foolishness, same thing exactly one year ago? the post on that and I end with only a few YT links, so many just got some random ones.

Planet X, these folks will not let this go, it has been said we were all domed many years now, planet X hoax. Remember comet Elenin. exposed that, as Jupiter destroyed it. This theme of end time events, that are not end time events, is distracting so many from the lord and what is really going on.

My years on the net, exposing 1-2 times a year, things like the 4 blood red moons, now another one took place and yes again a sign  of doom. I have said over and over and over, all this has its roots in paganism and mystical Christianity and Jewish mystics, Native Americans, many pagan nations.

These fear of blood moons, constellations, comets, it has all be written, 4 times re-posted 'do not fear, nor dread their dread the planets or constellations' Jer. I have never seen such a wave of insanity on line esp. You Tube, it has always been filled with crazy stuff, this is now worse then it was in 2012. I did not think anything could beat 2012, well, it has. I see endless videos of the rapture taking place and many say on an exact date. I put together 50 links I decided not to add them as in 2 days another 100, so just see t for yourself.

Many are using the Torah bible code. I reached out to one young man Dan Shelly 777? not sure of name. The young man means well, many mean well, most are saved and serious. I do not condemn any of them, It was my theology many years.

Many more are seeing the false doctrine of the pre trib rapture thank the lord, Snyder the 'Rapture Verdict' get it if you want some good truth put in a great way. I do not have it, have seen parts, so you see , more and more are waking up to this new false doctrine.

Why am I driving home the truth of no pre-trib rapture? Corrie Ten Boom said it well concerning a pre trib rapture. The Chinese Christians were not ready to suffer as they did because ministers from the West told them, 'do not worry you will be taken up in the rapture before events happen'. It did not come millions were killed and persecuted, same in the Russian purge and other places.

That is why I speak of this often, many are in a false hope and will fall away once they see they are not taken away before the destruction of the USA, E.U., Africa, Israel,  and other places.
I am in anguish over this because so few are ready. Nations rise, nations fall. History repeats over and over.

Many events that start the great trib are a ways off, it's a destruction of countries, the false Antichrist Kingdom, not the real one, the current Babylon is the false NWO trick, as Albert Pike wrote in world war 1,2 and now 3.

You are being tricked, this is not the biblical Antichrist world yet.

Anti Christ Hunters and the re do of the prophetic bible time line, I must get done. I was thinking of doing it as an audio book faster and for me and easier. I feel it is that important to bring bible clarity to current events.

I have said over and over the lord is using the UN as the rod of correction, and thus we as true Christians can not fight against the Judgment of God. I posted the movie ' The Book of Jeremiah', have done many posts from Jer, I have asked hundreds of times, read this prophetic book. I am called anti American, no, it is by home land, I love my country, I weep over what's coming, and what has started.
Read some Church history and read about past persecutions and nations falling. The USSR did?

WE had 2 great depressions? A third is coming anytime. It's much different , because people, our nation the life style, no farming, living off the land . It will be much different.

Did you know there is a cellphone app you can download FEMA App you call for help, they come and pick you up, holy cow. It will come to this for most people have no Idea how bad it will become. Millions will starve and cities will burn in comes martial law.

The RFID chip, wow I never thought one post would get so many reads and comments.
With power out and chaos in full bloom the chips will be of no use.
Again why Do I write on this?
Prepare for the worse, pray fro the best. If you are one of the lords saints, you are not called to wrath, but the rain falls on the just and un- just alike, so prepare. Believe what you want on the things I am writing about, but be ready to be on earth when these events are in full bloom.

Rabbit holes, distractions, false prophets, tangents, are made by 'The Powers That Be' (TPTB) to cause fear, panic, hysteria, confusion, division, hate.

We have historic events almost weekly. The lord said from the day the Arch of Baal was put up, we will now see events every day, yes everyday. Blood shed, chaos, a falling away from the faith.

The video posted on the ceremony of the EU Tunnel , evil it's now in your face, the NWO is making the big push and in 2016 we will see, this fall,  uprisings, riots, mass shootings, false flags, martial Law. Yes 2016. this fall. these events will happen.

The lord gave me a word a sign, this will sound like you tube insanity, I must go public now with this. I gave this to 4 people I know, they know I spoke of this last year.

I asked the lord 'I know you will not speak certain things, and exact times on most things. 
Please lord I ask, 'what will be a heads up sign that events spoken of and reviled would be at hand'
The lord said, 'look up, see the chem-trails', 'Yes I see', when you do not see them for 2 weeks this will be a sign it is at hand and events, big ones would happen'.

I asked in some comment sections on YT vids, I just emailed the 4 people I told this to 1 year ago.
I have not seen them 3 days and one week. It may be a sign for my area I do not know. Most said they have not noticed, this is normal as we have become no longer moved by them as its been happening years now.

I ask any one, please comment, are you seeing chem trails where you are. This is important, and a few days more it will be two full weeks, this means its a red zone, red time frame of events asap.

Please comment on just this, not arguing over doctrine, or anything else, just, are you seeing these Chem trails where you are?

OK, I just added a lot of new stuff, now the rest of the post .

The claim that the U.S. government has information about an impending asteroid impact catastrophe, but is keeping the information secret to prevent mass panic, is spreading fast and causing growing anxiety among doomsday believers.

Following a series of warnings from doomsday prophets, there is increasing convergence of opinion among believers that an asteroid apocalypse will occur in September, 2015.

But while governments with privileged information are allegedly keeping the information secret, the “elite” are preparing secretly to survive the catastrophe, according to conspiracy theorists.

There are several versions of the predictions of asteroid impact apocalypse being generated and circulated by the online conspiracy theory rumor mill. But the separate strands have converged to strengthen conviction among susceptible individuals exposed to the constant bombardment of doomsday predictions that the asteroid apocalypse will occur in 2015.

The growing mass hysteria appears to have originated with a self proclaimed “prophet,” Rev. Efrain Rodriguez, who claimed he sent a letter to NASA on Nov. 12, 2010, titled “Letter to the Space Agency… meteor heading toward Puerto Rico.”

In the letter, he claimed he had received a message from God that an asteroid that would “soon be seen in the alarm systems of NASA” was approaching. He said the asteroid would hit the ocean near Puerto Rico and cause a massive earthquake and tsunami that would devastate the East Coat of the U.S., Mexico, Central, and South America.

Warning against ignoring the message, he instructed NASA to issue an alert “so people can be relocated from the areas that are to be affected.”

Despite his letter to NASA, Rodriguez believed that the relevant agencies were aware of the impending catastrophe. He claimed that NASA had confirmed the trajectory of the asteroid and that President Barack Obama had been briefed. But the “rich and powerful” were making “plans to store food and build protective shelters” for themselves.

Following Rodriguez’s “prophetic” message, several other online groups erupted with a cacophony of related predictions and claims that have caused alarm and helped to heighten tensions over fears of an impending asteroid Armageddon. Rumors, fueled by online NWO conspiracy theory websites, claimed that FEMA was stocking up on body bags, coffins, and other emergency response supplies in preparation for a major catastrophe in Puerto Rico.
Asteroid Impact Crater

The rumors forced FEMA to issue a statement in 2013. The agency denied it was stockpiling body bags. The FEMA Caribbean Region Director, Alejandro De La Campa, said that it was normal for the agency to purchase and store relevant disaster response material and that it had not made any “extraordinary or unusual purchases” recently.

FEMA is aware of speculation regarding the purchase of materials from around the United States, especially the Atlantic region. There is no specific threat, catalyst or alert behind the purchase of additional supplies.”

But FEMA’s efforts to counter growing fears of an asteroid catastrophe in Puerto Rico and along the East Coast of the U.S. mainland haven’t done much to stop spreading rumors that could spark mass panic.

With the conspiracy theory community looking out for “signs” of the impending catastrophe, the statement by the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, in May, 2014, that the world had only “500 days to avoid climate chaos” was interpreted widely as a veiled asteroid impact disclosure statement, although in reality, the minister was only expressing hope that the United Nations climate conference that was scheduled to open in Paris, France, in November, 2015, would yield positive results.

Soon enough, a full blown end-time prophetic statement that originated from a number of sources in the end-time conspiracy theory community had identified September 23-24, 2015, as the asteroid impact apocalypse day.

The prediction was directly inspired by Fabius’s purported “veiled warning” that the asteroid apocalypse would occur in about 500 days. A number of “prophets” had simply grabbed their calculators and with the help of a calendar, and an estimate of 500 days to the apocalypse, determined that the asteroid impact would occur around the time of on the Jewish Day of Atonement in 2015, that is, on September 23-24, 2015.

As one of the end-time prophets stated, the authorities have “publicly announced… through the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius,” that apocalypse would occur in September, 2015.

The governments of the world know that a very large asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015, and they have publicly announced it already through the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on May 13, 2014. They will attempt to nuke this asteroid, which will break it into smaller pieces that will reign down all over the earth causing massive destruction.”

YouTube videos making the prediction and warning believers to prepare began proliferating online. Several of the videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views, indicating a growing cult of asteroid impact apocalypse.

he credibility of these prophecies among evangelical Christians was enhanced by the TV evangelist Pat Robertson, who predicted in April, 2014, that an asteroid impact would occur to fulfill the “prophetic words of Jesus Christ.”

Hey, just get ready. Get right and stay right with the Lord. It could be next week, or it could be a 1,000 years from now, but nevertheless we want to be ready at whatever time the Lord says ‘I’m wrapping it up, it’s time to come home.'”

As conspiracy theorists count down to Armageddon, warnings continue proliferating.

In Dec. 31, 2014, the NWO conspiracy theory website All News Pipeline posted a blog message titled, “Is This Why The Astronomers Died? End Times Signs And Events Converging!”

The writer of the blog post suggested there was “indisputable evidence” that “something extremely strange is happening to our planet Earth,” heralding an “incoming heavenly body.”

The post suggested that the “elites” were preparing for the apocalypse by building underground bunkers and assassinating astronomers who could let the cat out of the bag and cause mass panic.

The impression that “something extremely strange is happening to our planet Earth” has been carefully nurtured by conspiracy theory websites such as Extinction Protocol, which assiduously document natural disasters around the globe.

All News Pipeline also published on January 4, a piece by Susan Duclos, titled, “E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) Coming? Asteroid Warning, Govt Preps Underground Bases.”

Duclos hinted that a “number of events occurring right now” point to impending catastrophe.

And as if to confirm fears, NASA has announced it is staging a presentation of a “hypothetical asteroid impact scenario” at the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC) to be held in April. According to NASA, the scenario, which is “completely fictional” but “realistic,” would consider possible responses by the world’s governments to “an steroid discovered on April 13, 2015, the first day of the conference, at magnitude 20.9, declination -39 degrees and heading south.”

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