What Does The Black Moon Mean? In September 2016

NOTE: I have many years debunked anything that is a 'so called event'. Was reading Christians think the rapture happens, others end of time, others end of 7 year trib.

I exposed the blood moons, planet X, tsunamis, comets that never came ,on and on and on. Its apologetic's reader. I found this site that explains what it is, and what some think and what some may do. Good post on what is a black moon.

What else is today Sept 30 2016?

The last day of the month of USA, Alsatian preparedness month.
Viral vids have said Sept 30 2016 is 100% when the economy will collapse.
Some say it, a black moon is when people rise up and rise up against government , found that one odd.
September 30, is when the Antichrist comes ad the tribulation starts, so today an economic collapse, the tribulation begins, millions will be raptured, hay in the AM, take them out for breakfast and be nice.

I will say big events are on the table, they are coming soon, but they are not what many are saying.
The lord has been speaking to my heart, have faith no not fear be ready, keep a clear head, many things are coming asasp. Lucifarians always mess with the fall feast,normally Sept, thus 911, it is a time when many events always happen. Oct 3 , 2016 is 5777- 2017 in the Jewish civil calendar, start of the great jubilee. This is significant indeed so as the word came forth Sept to Nov end It all seems to be playing out as told and in the exact time frame, we will see.
2 weeks 2 days not a single chem trail in my area, I posted on that and asked anyone to comment on this, no one did. All I know is this word given a while ago and email a few about it, it was given long before the crazy Prez race, before the fall of the EU happening now, before the ICAAN , handing over the Internet to the UN, it all lines up, it all is NOW.

Historically , economies fall in Oct to Nov, odd but true, we have many, many things that can happen, and will happen. I beg all please come to Jesus, do what you can , put food water away, and be in serious prayer , a serious time in history is on us.

Love all around you, be in love, forgiveness, get rid of all hate and hard feelings, keep your heart pure, and let go of things you have been hanging onto, right now we all need an un cluttered mind, a heart of wisdom prudent actions , aware of things around you. Wait, stand still and see the salvation of God. Wait in the prayer closet, get closer to the lord and he will cover you and make you ready for what is going on and coming.

Now the information post on what a Black moon is and more

By Maddy Foley
3 days ago

The night sky has certainly kept both astrologers and astronomers on their toes this September. In addition to two eclipses and a Harvest Moon, there is now, on the last day of the month, a Black Moon. But apart from sounding like the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, what does a Black Moon mean? Is there any special significance to this event? What does it mean for my life, you guys? Obviously these are all questions that need answering, so let's take a look.

Both astrologers and astronomers agree that the year is generally divided into four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), with three months per season, and one full moon and one new moon per month. But there are, of course, exceptions. A month can have two full moons — in that case, the second moon is called a Blue Moon, an event which occurs every two to three years. A month can also have two new moons, with the second termed a Black Moon. Or at least, that's the most widely accepted definition of a Black Moon; as Time and Date points out, there's no one singular, definitive meaning of the term. It can also mean a calendar month with no new moon, a calendar month with no full moon, or the third new moon in a season with four new moons instead of the typical three.

I know, I know, I know.

But on Sept. 30, 2016, we'll be experiencing the most widely accepted definition of Black Moon: It's the second new moon in a single month, which only occurs once every two and a half years or so. It won't be covered in mist; it won't be like a spooky outline of a black cat; but it will have an effect on some of our witchier peers.

New moons and full moons traditionally hold a large amount of significance for both astrologists and Wicca practitioners (and ER doctors, creepily enough). New moons tend to be regarded as an open door, a chance to begin anew, to start again, to move forward into the next phase. It represents the planting of the seed, and the darkness that a seed requires before it is able to grow. This particular new moon comes jam-packed with positive vibes, particularly for Libras. Embrace the chance to move forward. Be ready for new adventures coming your way. You already did the dirty work earlier in the month, with the two intense, deep-cleaning eclipses. Now you get to enjoy your new freedom.

For some Pagans, particularly certain sects of Wiccans, a Black Moon gives practices additional power. Many of the Black Moon rituals are solitary ones, involving standing in the darkness, accepting it, embracing its protective qualities, and reaching within yourself to cleanse any sort of pain or toxicity that may be holding you back. Whether that's a bad habit or a bad relationship depends entirely on you — so go ahead and do what you've got to do.

NOTE : That last couple lines clearly shows this is not a Christian view, anything goes, do what you must? Dear lord NO I post this a it gives a good short message on what this Black moon is, and what it is not.
So, why woud any Christian think a black moon means an event for Christians, or prophecy. I see often Christians claiming things will happen based on the planets, the stars, the moon phases and use them for bible prophecy and odd things. 'Fear not what they fear, nor read their dread'. Jer.-The rest of this Jer is rebuking the Jews for fearing planets, moons , constellations, yet today, far to many Christians are doing this thing , it is not wise and the lord hates it, as w are to fear Jehovah God and not man, nor his creation, but fear God.