ALERT DEFCON 3-War, Runmors Of War, Russia, China USA-Nato The Game Is On

USA Goes to DEFCON 3 is NUCLEAR WAR coming? 

I am not shocked by this news today. Below this word a very short Prophecy on Sat, Monday 5 am defcon 3 was out on the news. 

word given SAT-
The lord is pressing me, NOW are you getting this word from the lord NOW, its all NOW, game on , so be prudent and do what you can. PLEASE put food, water, medical things aside now, we only have a very short time.This is the word of the lord. Move, progress, move into what I have called you to do, today.

 Published on Oct 16, 2016

Are we going to nuclear war? If Russia is in financial disarray why is it spending so much money or weapons and safety and security on massive drills?