BREAKING: U.S. Scrambles 3 Nuclear Command-And-Control "E6B" Aircraft -- No "Drills" Scheduled according to USSTRATCOM MORE: P-8 Anti-Submarine Planes Scrambled out of Jacksonville!-More News

NOTE: Today is the first day in almost 2.5 weeks I have seen a Chem trail, I mean only three small ones so far?

The full two weeks passed, the lord never said no trails 2 weeks and back a few would come, just 2 weeks no trails= war, events are on. staying with what I was told, and how I was told, the specifics mean to me, maybe, just my area the full two weeks no trail's have come to pass, a first ever since they started spraying all over, so this story- news- may have some big significant s to the word given.

I say, Lord 'give us just a little more time, please,  lord for you people, for this on line and of line ministry, just a little more time, we are not ready lord'. The lord gave many comforting bible portions concerning this, so it matters not what comes and when, we are under his wings of protection and provision. Not my will but your will be done.

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At about 3:00 PM eastern US time, the United States Air Force SCRAMBLED three (3) model E6B nuclear command-and-control Aircraft from Offutt AFB, with at least two other model E4 Mobile Presidential Command Planes already airborne.  These aircraft are part of the TACAMO (Take Charge And Move Out) system to command the global United States military arsenal from the air in the event the US is attacked and ground facilities are destroyed.

There are no strategic "Drills" scheduled according to US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)

The Boeing E-6 Mercury (formerly E-6 Hermes) is an airborne command post and communications relay based on the Boeing 707-320. The original E-6A manufactured by Boeing's defense division entered service with the United States Navy in July 1989, replacing the EC-130Q. It conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines, a mission known as TACAMO (TAke Charge And Move Out). The E-6B model deployed in October 1998 kept this role, but added further command post capabilities and control of land-based missiles and nuclear-armed strategic bombers. The E-6B replaced Air Force EC-135Cs in the "Looking Glass" role, providing command and control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control become inoperable. With production lasting until 1991, the E-6 was the final new derivative of the Boeing 707 to be built.[2]

The Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, with the project name "Nightwatch" is a strategic command and control military aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). The E-4 series was specially modified from the Boeing 747-200B. The E-4 serves as a survivable mobile command post for the National Command Authority, namely the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and successors. Four E-4Bs are operated by the 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron of the 55th Wing located at Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska. An E-4B is denoted a "National Airborne Operations Center" when in action.

As of 4:00 PM EDT on 10-4-2016, at least TWO of these aircraft are now in the air over the USA, despite no "Drills" being scheduled by US Strategic Command!

SuperStation95 is inquiring of our sources as to whether or not this is a US response to Russia commencing the movement of forty million citizens into Bomb Shelters as a "drill" announced through Russian media yesterday, as commencing today October 4, and reaching completion by October 7.  Our story about that appears here.

This sudden deployment of US command-and-control military aircraft  is a developing story, please check back for more details.


A number of P8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft have also been scrambled out of Naval Air Station (NAS)  Jacksonville, FL and, according to a first-hand observer they "Hauled ass directly out into the Atlantic."

. . . Something is "up."

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon (formerly the Multimission Maritime Aircraft or MMA) is a military aircraft developed for the United States Navy (USN). The aircraft has been developed by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, modified from the 737-800ERX.

The P-8 conducts anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction, along with an electronic signals intelligence (ELINT) role. This involves carrying torpedoes, depth charges, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons. It is able to drop and monitor sonobuoys. It is designed to operate in conjunction with the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton Broad Area Maritime Surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle.

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The Post has a link to this story, many of you may already know about this, but the timeing, it all fits. No Matter how this goes I say again there will be election, Martia law is on the table, ww3, looms this is but a tste  of whats going on while the medida has everyone distracted with the Dog and Pony show called the debates and next election there will not be a new prex in 2017 watch and see.

This story has been updated as of 3;45 PM EDT -- (URGENT) See Bottom of article --Many a military attack was staged as though it was a military "exercise."  So why is Russia putting forty MILLION citizens into 5,000 Hardened Shelters as a Civil Defense "Exercise" from October 4 thru 7?  That's about 8,000 people per shelter, a very manageable number.  Are we about to be attacked?  Could be!

Given the terrible state of relations between Russia and the west, with the US having paid to foment the overthrow of the elected President of Ukraine, and our ongoing efforts to forcibly overthrow the President of (Russian ally) Syria, with NATO having surrounded Russia (after promising in the 1990's not to do that)  and now activating "Missile Defense" systems in Poland and Romania which are capable of shooting down Russian Missiles, have the Russians finally had enough abuse from us?  Are they going to put an end to it using the ONLY language understood by the US Government and it's NATO puppets? (The only language the feds understand is Force)

Moreover, no one, in the entire history of human existence, has ever put 40 million people into bomb shelters over a three day period as some sort of "exercise."  The entire economy of Russia will grind to a complete halt.  The cost and logistics involved in doing this are . . . . staggering! 

Here's another POSSIBLE interpretation of the coming "exercise" :  What if we're going to be attacked by a full barrage of nuclear missiles, once the Russians have a third of their population safely tucked away in underground bunkers?  That could mean sometime very near October 7 or shortly thereafter.

This possibility is interesting when we consider that just days ago, for the first time in US history, there was a national test of the Emergency Alert System, with the specific goal of testing whether or not the President of the United States could address the American people directly  within ten minutes of a "national emergency."  An inbound nuclear attack would certainly qualify as a national emergency, wouldn't it?

Frankly, right now would be the perfect time for Russia to launch an actual attack. 

The US is totally unprepared to protect, nevermind save, any Americans from a nuclear attack.  The US halted all Civil Defense programs decades ago.  Our citizens don't even know to "Duck and Cover" when they see the flash of an atomic explosion.  They don't have emergency food or water stored in basements.  They don't have a clue what to do in such an attack, because our government stopped civil defense training decades ago.

It gets worse:

Our citizens don't know how to fish, or hunt, to trap, or kill-skin-and-prepare a dead animal to be eaten.  Heck, our women don't even know how to pluck feathers from a chicken or any other bird, and three-quarters of the young girls in the nation right now have no idea at all how to COOK!  Most of our boys are so wimpified by political correctness, three-quarters of them can't even change a flat tire on a car, never mind go out and hunt/kill for food. 

And our college kids: Many of them are such emotionally-retarded-weaklings they're now widely referred-to as "snowflakes" who need "safe-spaces" if they are "triggered" by . . . . . "words, attitudes or ideas" . . . . . they disagree with. Useless Weaklings - ALMOST ALL OF THEM!

Even our adults are soft, weak and ignorant . . .  how many of them know how to plant seeds and properly tend them to grow and Harvest food? 

While we as a nation have been arguing about letting mentally sick, trans-sexual perverts into normal bathrooms, the Russians have been training their children to fight and to shoot. 

Our country has become such a cluster-f*ck that our kids get suspended from school if they point their fingers like a gun.  In fact, just recently, the dingbats who run the schools in Manville, New Jersey, threw a student out for writing a pro-second amendment high school project.  These are the kinds of psycho-babble-spewing nitwits infesting the teaching profession in schools throughout the country; a bunch of politically-correct, spineless, sissy-Mary, cowards.

Quite simply, we're ripe for conquest . . . and we have liberal "progressives" in politics, and their Marxist fellow travellers' sabotage of our social, cultural, educational and political systems, to blame for it.

If the Russians actually attack, and you survive, in the event you come across a "Progressive" . . . .  kill it on sight.  It's their just-reward for weakening our nation. 

Oh, and while we're talking about those who weakened our nation, let's not forget a special mention for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were American citizens who spied for the Soviet Union and were tried, convicted, and executed for conspiracy to commit espionage. They were instrumental in the passing of information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, speeding his development of Soviet nuclear weapons programs.  Bombs which may now, very soon, be raining down on us!

Funny how Carl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and his pal Leon Trostky who founded the Soviet Union through the Bolshevik Revolution, were from the same tribe as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.  If we're attacked and rebuild, no members of that tribe are ever to be allowed in this nation again -- not even to visit!


On August 22, The BBC in London reported that the government of Germany had begun urgently telling their citizens to store emergency food and water "in case of a disaster which threatens our existence."  That story remains on the BBC web site.

Days after Germany told its citizens to stock up on food and water, the Czech news channel CT24 broadcast a message from the government telling citizens to ‘prepare for the worst’.

Czech media sources reported that in the event of a national crisis, the food needs of the country will not be met.

Days after that, Finland began telling its citizens to begin stockpiling food and water.

Throughout all of this, the US mass-media remained totally silent on this bizarre and terrifying news . . . . and they're remaining silent on this Russian "Exercise" putting 40 million citizens into Bomb Shelters this week! 

SuperStation95 will not be silent.  Americans have a right to know what's going on so our people can decide for themselves whether or not to take action in preparation.

In the event that we actually ARE attacked this week, the video below may save your life.  There, we've just done more to protect you, than the entire federal government has done in about 60 years.

n the few days between now and October 7 when the Russians will have their citizens safely stored away in shelters, you may want to put emergency water jugs in your basement (one gallon per person, per day), along with a substantial supply of canned foods -- and a can opener -- so you might be able to survive for awhile. You may want to have blankets and extra clothing to keep you warm. Obviously a flashlight with spare batteries is essential.  We'd suggest batteries for a portable radio, but chances are all electronics will be fried once the first nuke detonates.  Oh, what the heck, have a radio and spare batteries; it can't hurt.  If you have firearms and ammunition, put some in the basement for protection if everything goes to hell. Filter masks of N-95 or N100 and swimming goggles will keep radiation out if you must go outside. Remember, radiation washes right off your skin with soap and water, but is lethal if inhaled or eaten.  Oh, and don't forget plastic bags and a bucket to use as a bathroom. 


The map below, from NUKEMAP shows the effect of a (typical) twenty megaton Russian ICBM hitting the Empire State building in Manhattan.  You can visit NUKEMAP to find similar info for your city;  A link to their site is below the map.  Click on the map below to enlarge it. ( See site)