Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Now is the Time to Leave the United States (Before Nov. 8, 2016)

He uses curse words, rare, on this one or two, sorry I just want you to hear yet another saying same the thing.

I know he is not sensationalizing anything, same word I have been given and same others confirmed its NOW, once again, that sort Prophecy before all this said NOW, Move NOW, prepare NOW.

The 3 weeks no Chem Trails it happened right after the 3 week mark , they started and a round 2-3 days after the DEFCON- Russia, War issue. So far its correct as lord gave it. You beloved truth. Chris is A Christian . AMTV- young Christians and ministers I hear often use a curse word, I guess people feel it is now OK? NO.

A lot of what this says, has been said, covered, its all coming to a head- recall the 2015 DEC Prophecy Sept to Nov End USA Falls, we are so close, be in prayer and worship. Do what you can, what you can not do, God has you covered.

Chris is a Trump man, I am not , I am a Jesus Man- None of the above.
I will give the link to the short vid, will not, can not , post on TMM any profanity , it slips by sometime in a vid and I take it down.

This is only 10 plus min and ...well is full of somberness, would should feel this, as we see our nation dying a righteous death for its sin.

Published on Oct 17, 2016
This video is audio only black screen. I have come to trust this YT AMTV the young man is always right on and speaks truth. This fleeing does not surprise me, many can not leave the USA NOW, many can not even relocate to any place in the USA, to poor to flee. That is why I do what I do.

In today's Emergency Broadcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns that if Hillary Clinton is elected President now is the time to leave the United States.

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