Grace Wins! Chapel Meeting Sunday Night

Good Evening Brothers and Sisters,
Tonight is the first meeting of Grace Wins!, hosted by Pastor Bob. This is a brand new ministry with a Chapel meeting to be hosted in a video conferencing platform. As such this meeting will be live with audio (VOIP) and video at 8:00 Central Time Sunday night. If you are able to attend please click on the link below for more information about this new ministry and to sign up, in this manner I can send you an invitation.
Pastor Bob

The following is an excerpt from tonight's Chapel Meeting:
In the third part of this series entitled "Remembering The Lord Your God" we
continue to talk about the perils of a prosperous nation and relate that concept to
our individual lives. We live in such amazing times here in America. We have a
first hand witness to examine the once most prosperous nation on earth literally
falling before our eyes. Therefore, though there is nothing we can do to avoid the
certain judgement of this nation, we can, we must as individuals who claim to be
followers of the Lord Jesus Christ do as is commanded in the Word of God.

Hope to see you there!