The Hours Is Late-10 Top Reason To Learn Herbs-Know Your Locasl Herbs NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was not going to post this, the fact is I am seeing more reports almost weekly of yet another deadly virus are i, the USA.

One-The day and hour we live in calls for this prudent action to study

Two; To take care of yourself and love ones in any crises.

Three; Learning herbs by yourself is fiends, but the school is set up to teach step by step in a systematic way, the safe instruction of herbs.

Fours; Herbs are drugs, the dose , application, if any alkaloids what kind, are they harmful

Five; I can not tell you how many times I have seen people get into herbs and just start taking mouth fulls, there could be an herb-herb contradiction an RX contraindications and more.

Six: Most all herbs are safe , in what dose, should you take that herb internal, or external and internal.

Seven: What re the basic herb medicine, how to make it and what for.

Eight;During a zombie apocalypse, funny, but serious viruses are all over, are you taking any antiviral- antibiotic herbs -know what ones, how often are they working.

Nine: The price can not be beat, esp with the break up of payments and up to OCT 31 25% off, I would have died for such an opportunity.

Ten: Its in your ball park, wait and do nothing, or have herbs and know how to use in a 911 situation. Save thousands making your own herbal products.

I could add 10 more, but that will do.
Web site link;

Free local clinic, free herb intakes-online- all is at the site, use these free resources while you still can. This is not about money I ave not seen a income from the herb school. Lowest price, best on line college hands down. I challenge you look at all the others schools see what they charge, our board is tops, it is getting late and serious I have many books I want you to have, any help with health issue before the collapse. Example If someone is o a RX for breathing disorder 911 lobelia in a vap pin or tincture best as acid, taken, as well as external rub. The vapig of Lobelia fr breathing and a heart attack.

What do you do when all the medications around grow near you, can you identify them, botany 101 is on local botany, student is to see what herbs are around them, what to grow how and more, Materai Medica disorders 101- and invasive, or prevention herbal dose? What herbs go together god and not cancel out each other? Learn today. 

Al should do this NOW, what plants are near you that you can pick and make medicine from ALL do this today. Plant identification is not easy, start with what you know, learn via folk lore, native Americans what they used, not the spiritual part, this is taught.It is all taught A to Z in a systematic way online and top quality.

Learn this and so much more. Herb podcast 8 done more coming. Lord willing.