The Summer of Flooding- Post 2,100

Wild video, it shows all the floods we had and I tell you Summer of flood, this autumn will be the time of fall, a great fall. There is a great fall coming, this fall, war, economy, uprising, power outage all on the table, but it will come and it will come strong, be ready NOW I am getting NOW, do, move, stay NOW, It is late beloved, Fear not but make a plan NOW.

The lord is pressing me, NOW are you getting this word from the lord NOW, its all NOW, game on , so be prudent and do what you can. PLEASE put food, water, medical things aside now, we only have a very short time.This is the word of the lord. Move, progress, move into what I have called you to do, today.

 Published on Sep 21, 2016

Summer 2016, the summer of flooding. A look back at the historic flooding in West Virginia, Maryland and Louisiana.