WAKE UP CHURCH!!! Short Video, Have Not Posted This In A Long Time

New reader, new friend, old friends, old visitors, I ask you, if you have not watched this video, my all time favorite do so today. If you watch, listen you will be spoken to.

This video is a good spiritual barometer, if you are not moved by it, spoken , convicted by it, you may need to check your spiritual pulse. The hour is late we do not have much time left before we see the full Judgments of the lord fall on the once great USA and the West, wake up, wake up church, now is the time to awake, time is out, time is finished, now all will change and much chaos comes , it is at the door.

 In the next posts this week I will be posting one short video like this, I was watching these and it was like a fresh anointing, brokenness and joy came over me.

Beloved we need to watch, hear, read, such things that will change our hearts and make cold hearts, hot for Jesus again today.

This ministry will go out as it started. It is going back, a reflection of the many years doing this and other ministries on line, you see, our on line days are coming to an end. All we know is about to change, may you reader come back to your first love. The nation is in a crises, but the bride of Christ need not be in the same place as the world. May it be so today and the days we have left.

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2009

A challenging compilation showing how far the church has fallen from the Biblical standard and the early church that Jesus built... This will impact you! This video was put together by YouTube user HolyDesperation

Here they all are in order:

1) David Wilkerson

2) Keith Daniel

3) Carter Conlon

4) Jim Cymbala

5) Leonard Ravenhill

All of them are great preachers that I highly recommend...