X Free Bible College Got A Job At A Radio Station-Porto Rico see Short Vid

I think, pray and wonder, why the lord allows my suffering to never end, it is thinhgs like this X student that make all I do worth it.

Poro Rico is economically a devistation, very bad, to see this short vid easies my burden. I , like many of you, wil never know lifes touched until we are in Glory, that keeps me going. His words in email.

 I'm glad I had the opportunity to do my DCC on the Truth and Mercy Institute for Advanced Ministry Studies. The knowledge and experience I have gained through the college gave me the opportunity to help hundreds of families and individuals as a Pastor of three SDA churches in Puerto Rico. Now I'm running a radio and TV show about family counseling on WTPM 92.9 FM and Paraiso TV channel 45. I'm also an AICC certified family therapist in Puerto Rico, thanks to the TMIAMS title and successfully passing their test due to the knowledge obtained on the college. The Truth and Mercy Institute for Advanced Ministry Studies is a blessing and I recommend it to anyone looking for ministry expansion and to have a professional ministry. Take advantage of this opportunuty and start building now a professional future. God bless you all!

Dr. Jesus Alicea