Be Ready For Post-Election Violence-Two Posts- From The Left-Deb Lesar Reporting-Very Long Post

Be Ready For Post-Election Violence-Two Posts- From The Left-Deb Lesar Reporting

I agree with Deb on this posts Trump, second chance and a few things, but this is an excellent post, thank you Deb.

God gave a Prophecy End Of November, and great Judgment, thus not Trump, not man can change what has already started, it would be nice if some things in this post were true..maybe I am wrong and some of this is correct, but I believe I have the mind of the lord on NOV end , this is the last month, and we will see a big event, or a couple, and it will change the USA and the West as we know it.

By Ray Gano

Well we have about 9 more like 8 before the election on November 8th.

As many of you know, I spend some time on Facebook checking out what is going on and also what others are saying.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, I have an alternate user account that I have been honing for a couple of years.

The great thing is that this “pseudo Ray” gets in some of those groups that most Christians / conservatives are not allowed in just because they are who they are.

It is a great way to peek in on what the other side is doing, saying and thinking.

Let me tell you this… they are not thinking nice things about us at all.

In fact, when you get into some of these groups, you find that they are thinking very bad things about us.

Here is the bad part, many and I mean many of these people (ultra-liberal. Marxist, Democrats) have no problem in committing physical damage to personal property and to people themselves.

We have learned from Project Veritas that the Clinton campaign along with the Democrat party are in fact paying thugs $1500 plus an iPhone to go to Trump rallies and to stir up trouble and to also physically assault people.

But when you start hanging out is some of these uber-liberally dominated groups, you will find that there are A LOT of people out there that would gladly do what these paid thugs are doing for free.

AND… when Trump wins, these people plan on taking their carnage to the streets for free. These people totally believe in anarchy, mayhem and terrorist actions. Even though they do not see themselves as terrorists, that is what they are and what they are planning on doing.

trump-rally-san-jose-violenceWhen Trump wins, expect to see literal flash mobs showing up out of no where to cause havoc and who’s goal is to destroy property and literally “beat the pulp” out of anyone looks like they might have voted for Trump.

The firebombing of the Republican head quarters in North Carolina is just a small example.

People are already being accosted at Trump rallies and it is getting ugly. These thugs are becoming embolden and they have got the taste of blood in their mouths.

And what is worse, they are liking that taste and they want more.

Now, no matter what people say out there on the internet, there is absolutely no way that Obama can delay the elections, nor can he call for martial law on a national scale. These are theories being put out there, they sound possible, but like it or not it is not a reality.

The only thing that Obama can do at this moment is stir the uber-liberal racial pot and look the other way as the masses go crazy.

It does not matter what executive order he has signed either; he is a complete lame duck president who has no power backing him up. Police, Military, et al do not back him at all and if there are some that do, I strongly doubt that they will take it all the way and basically start a civil war.

veterans-fghtWhat people need to realize today is that Trump has woken up a sleeping giant and the silent majority are not remaining silent any longer.

I have also been seeing more veteran’s memes on Facebook coming out saying that if they are ready if they need to fight against tyranny.

Our nation is a powder keg waiting to blow.

On one side we have Crooked Hillary who will do just about anything to gain power of the oval office. We clearly see that in all the corruption that she is involved in and the steps she has taken to try to ensure said power.

What the powers that be who have been backing Hillary are coming to realize is that odds are very good that she will NOT make it to the White House.

So they need to look at “Plan B” and that is social upheaval, riots and doing anything and everything that they can while this lame duck president is in office and is more than willing to support said mayhem.
What Should People Do?

First and foremost, I STRONGLY recommend that you go the grocery store and stock up on food, water and other needed supplies.

america-panicAlready I am getting reports from PZ readers that they are seeing shelves at Walmart being picked over and little left of the shelves to purchase.

Those who are reading the writing on the wall have already taken some action and are getting some food supplies on hand.

This is why I say that it is important that you take action as well and stock up if you have not done so.

What I am recommending is at least 2 weeks of food stored up for this situation. BUT… if you can stock up at least 60 days of food, water and other needed supplies, then it would be wise to do so.

Why do I say 60 days worth? We are just over 60+ days from when the elections take place and when Trump gets sworn in and becomes the next president.

Yes, I know that I am being very presumptuous and yes there the low information No Trump people out there who are waving the doom and gloom “Anything But Trump” flag.

Ignore these people, ignore their message, they are fools.

What we can’t ignore are those who are out there that are just looking to cause trouble, destroy property and do physical harm to those they disagree with.

The more that you can avoid these sort of people, the better off you will be in these next 60 days.

So, action item #1 – Stock up on much needed supplies.

Action item #2 – carry multiple means to protect yourself in case you are caught in one of these aggressive situations.

gun-trainingI do not want to come right out and say “carry a gun.” First, not everyone can carry and there are a lot of people who do not feel comfortable carrying.

If you do not train, and I mean really train with your gun, having one is pretty much useless and will get you in more trouble than it is worth.

BUT… if you do train, stay up on your training and know how to react in a stressful situation like we are talking about, then by all means, carry your firearm.

What people need to be prepared for is a flash mob. This the “chatter” that I am hearing about in my investigations. These will be coordinated in and out mobs that will show up quickly, conduct their mayhem and then get out fast.

They are using social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact and calling the masses to converge on a certain place and certain time.

How do you combat that?

You need to be prepared and in this sort of situation what I am recommending is police grade pepper foam. SABRE Red Pepper Foam is an excellent solution. It is inexpensive enough where you can purchase 2-3 cans.

Why 2-3 cans of this stuff? You might have to spray a small mob of people if you are caught in this situation. Having 2-3 cans on hand is what you might need to defend and push back these degenerates.

pepper-gelNOW… why foam? If you are outdoors and there is a slight breeze, you will not have the liquid pepper spray blow back in your direction. Second, the foam is sticky and when it makes contact it instantly melts. This has about an 8 – 10 foot range and can spray multiple targets with this foam.

SABRE Pepper Foam –

Another solution and something that will give you more distance between you and the thugs is SABRE Pepper Gel. Like the foam, the gel sprays and does not blow back if there is a breeze going. Also, because it is a gel, it will shoot further than the foam and has a range of 18 feet. Another plus with this is that SABRE includes a belt holster that you can wear and always be prepared.

SABRE Pepper Gel –

Both of these defense products sell at a reasonable price where you are able to purchase several and have some on hand, in the car, at the office, and on your person at all times.

The key in this situation is try not to allow these thugs near you so that they will not cause your physical harm and that you are able to escape the scene quickly.

Another positive aspect is that if you are caught in this situation and you use your pepper foam or gel, the people you hit will not be going anywhere fast. That means that the odds are good that they can then be apprehended by others who are willing to lend a helping hand and / or the police once they show up to the scene.

What we need to remember is that we have a lame duck president who sides with these thugs and will probably work really hard to leave as much of a mess so that Trump has a lot on his plate when takes on the office.

Thing is, I think Donald Trump is ready for this sort of thing, he knows his history and the Clinton’s did the same thing to Bush when he took office.

Trump will be ready and take matters into his hands and solve the problems. I have faith in him to do that. Having some thugs and messes to clean up is just part and parcel of the crooked election he has had to put up with.

Please keep this next 60+ days in prayer.

Ask God to keep a hand of protection on Donald Trump and Mike Pence as well as their families.

Pray for our nation that we do not see this sort of criminal actions take place and pray that we have a peaceful transition with Donald Trump takes office.

Millions of Christians are praying and I am so glad that we are finally doing that.

I believe that God is giving us a second chance to work to pull our nation out of the garbage heap it has been in, and a chance to make America great again.

Post two

Trump Wins – Anti-Trump Riots Will Increase – The Need To Escape & Evade

By Ray Gano


NOTE 2- I understand many readers are like me, to poor to prep many things, this list alone made me , and say I am not ready, do what you can and do so NOW.

I was talking to my sister just the other day who lives in Texas, and she is telling me that situations there on the border of Texas and Mexico have become like a war zone. She also told me that illegals are becoming more embolden and “flash protests” are popping up in some of the larger cities like San Antonio, Austin and other areas.

The tension is getting very high.

in the past several weeks I have had a number of people asking me ” THINGS ARE GETTING REALLY WEIRD OUT THERE – WHAT DO I DO IF I AM CAUGHT AWAY FROM HOME?”

See, everyone is worried about a “bug out bag” but in reality for most people they are worried about “getting home” vs “bugging out”.

trump-rally-san-jose-violenceSay you work at a business that could be targeted for anti-Trump protests and you can’t get to your car, you don’t want to get to your car because you have to face these radical anti-Trump, anti-US haters.

We are away from our home, is our family ok? FOLKS, Family is everything!

We are living in crazy times and people are starting to freak out. KNOW that if you are a student of bible prophecy, that this should not catch us off guard.

What we must remember is to stay calm and know that God is in control. Remember – Proverbs 3:5-6

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

BUT… that does not mean that we sit on our laurels, we need to take action because time is very likely going to be against you. The faster you act, the more odds you put into your favor.

If I would be writing this say a few years ago, people would think me to be nuts. Today though, this is a very realistic situation that if Trump becomes president, you know liberal/socialist money is going to start backing illegal thugs and home grown deviants.

So you need to have a plan and you need to be prepared.

This is why I have written this article. To help you get home as safe as you possibly can, and hopefully get home in one piece.
Slipping Through The Lines Undetected

SO many of us think of bugging out of our home to get to a safe predetermined location.

But how many people have a bug out bag to get out of the work place and back home?

Some people call this a “Get Home Bag.”

This is a great bag to keep that “escape and evade clothing” and what I mean by that is a disguise of sorts.

hillary-pres-2016We have seen on TV these thugs attacking anyone with a Trump T-shirt, well something that you might want to keep in your get home bag is a “Hillary For President” T-Shirt.

Yeah, I know it sound weird, but your goal is to get out of the area as fast and as safe as possible. Having some sort of liberal disguise that you can get on pretty quickly could help you to avoid some of these rioters, and even possibly blend in and evade getting victimized. Couple this with a simple hoodie jacket and your get home back pack and you will blend right in with the rioters and give you better odds in slipping through.

Again, I highly dislike the whole democrat / liberal / socialist agenda that is taking place in the US right now, but we have look at keeping yourself safe and be able to blend in, in other words “Become The Grey Man.” We need to suck up that pride and concern ourselves about getting out of this hostile area and get home.

Think about your loved ones who will need you home as soon as possible.

IF there are riots going on where you are working or around the area you are working, then it is possible the violence can expand and gain footing in other areas.

Don’t think it is possible? Remember the LA Riots and how fast that spread all over Los Angeles? B not only there, riots started to pop up all over the US in the matter of hours.

So you will need to act quickly and get that liberal T-shirt and hoodie on and get the heck out of dodge.

Hillary T-Shirt Disguise –

Hoodie Jacket –

Your Office Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag
Action Item #1 – Food & Water

If you have been a reader of mine, you know that I am a fan of the ER 3600 Calorie Bar. These taste great and are pre-scored into smaller bars that you can break off or easily cut off with a knife.

You can see the video here that I produced talking about the ER Bar.


Another item that you need to have in your Office Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag is a means to contain and filter water.

I am a HUGE fan of Berkey water filters. We use them ourselves and we even own a Royal Berkey Water Filter. These are the best water filters in the world. One of the best things you can put in your bag is a Berkey Sport bottle. This will filter 125 gallons of treated water, 75 gallons of swamp / muddy water. These are a great thing to have on hand to not only keep in your Office Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag, but also to keep a few in the car and other places. You never know when you are going to need to get some water and these are inexpensive enough that you can purchase multiple bottles.

berkey-sport-bottleHere is a video of me when we lived in Texas of me drinking out of a skanky pool that our dogs and chickens used to drink out of and even bath in.


Finally, you want to have water in your bag just in case you cannot supply yourself before you leave your work area.

Emergency water pouches / boxes are a great way to go. The negative is that they will weigh down your pack, so you need to really assess how much you will put in your pack to get you going till you can find some sort of water that you can use your Berkey Sport Bottle.

NOTE – if you are having to seek out water, find your water source and make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking as much as you can there at your water source, then filling up your bottle on top of that.

Throw in a few salt packets or Gatorade packets in your bag so that you can put some in your mouth and then drink some water.

DO NOT ADD SALT OR GATORIAD TO THE SPORT BOTTLE… it will filter those things out as well. But you need replenish your electrolytes. So putting a little bit of powdered Gatorade in your mouth then taking a swig of water will help you build those electrolytes back up again.

Another good thing is adding a bottle of salt pills. These will help you replenish your electrolytes as well. Keeping hydrated and the electrolytes up will help you in your trek home.

ER Emergency Ration 3600+ Calorie, 5-Year Emergency Food Bar –

Berkey 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle –

Emergency Water Packets –

Action Item #2 – Gun Shot Kit / First Aid Kit

quikclotAnother item that you want to have in your bug out bag is medical supplies like an Israeli Compression bandage, Tourniquet, quick clot blood clotter. These are needed just in case one sustains gun shot or bad knife cut. If there is a terror event taking place, there could be a chance that you could get cut or shot. You will need to have the items on hand to stop the bleeding.

Something else that a number of people have told me about is having a small tampon in your gun shot kit. A small tampon can be pushed into the bullet hole and then deployed into the wound. The small size tampon is about the size of a 9 mm to .45 calibur bullet. These are made to stop the bleeding and that is what you have to do. Having a few sanitary pads also are also good for knife wounds, bad cuts and scrapes. Again, these are made to hold blood and can help stop the bleeding. You can use some Gorilla Duct Tape to keep these things in place. I talk about that later on.

Another thing to have in your blow out kit is super glue. You would be amazed at the first aid uses super glue has. It is great at closing up a cut quickly. This is why I always keep it on hand.

Having a basic first aid kit in your bag is also a good idea. I created my own and have multiple zip lock bags already to go depending on what I need them for.

For example I have a “blow out” kit. This is for gun and knife wounds and I have all I need in that zip lock bag ready to go.

coleman-first-aid-kit-webI then have my basic first aid zip lock bag with all I would need to treat basic wounds, sore muscles, burns, stings and such.

My final bag is my own odd assortment of stomach meds, allergy meds, head ache, nausea, and whatever else I can think of.

But if you want to keep things simple, then I like the Coleman’s Expedition First Aid Kit. It has 205-Pieces and it is slim in a neoprene sort of case. This will fit well in your middle or front compartment. What is nice is there is enough room to add to this kit some items that you want, for example a “blow out” kit, some stomach meds, or something for sore muscles.

Israeli Compression Bandage –

Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet –

Quick Clot Blood Clotting Agent –

Just a Note on Sore Muscles

tiger-balmThis is something that a lot of people do not think about to put in their bug out bags / Get Home Bag. You are probably going to have to walk home. That may be 10, 20, 30 plus miles. You will be sore, muscles will hurt. So it is a great idea to keep something for sore muscles and pain relievers. Personally I LOVE tiger balm and in fact we use it all the time. It comes in a really small jar that you could keep in the first aid kit and a little bit goes a long way.

Keeping a few pairs of extra socks and a few pairs of extra underwear also in your bag is a very good idea. You do not need clean pants or shirts, but clean socks and underwear are not only a pick me up motivator, but it will help prevent blisters, chafing and fungal infections. Putting a small bottle of Gold Bond Medicated Powder in your bag is also a good idea. This will help prevent any fungal infections taking root.

Believe me, I speak from experience. When I was in Spec Ops and out in the field, we easily walked 20 + miles a day with a heavy rucksack on our back. Having fresh socks, underwear and some body powder was like a blessing from heaven. If you have to walk home, you will be glad for the little comforts as well.

There is an old saying ”Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.” Believe me, this is gospel truth there friend.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder –

Action Item #3 – Clothing, Shoes, Hat & Gloves

While we are talking about extra socks and underwear, if you have to wear more “business attire” that is not made to withstand the elements, you may want to put a change of clothes in your bag as well as a good pair of hiking boots, which you can tie to the outside of your bag to save space.

Amechanics-gloves-web good pair of jeans several shirts, thinking layers, so a “T-Shirt” then a long sleeve shirt and then even a long sleeve wool shirt or light jacket depending on where you are located. IF you are in a colder region, you may want to pack some Thermasilk long underwear. Yes, they are more expensive, but they keep you warmer and they are lighter to carry instead of the bulky cotton ones you normally find.

It is always good to have some sort of head covering like a good baseball hat, stocking cap or both. You lose the most amount of your body heat from your head. IF you keep it covered, it helps keep in the heat. A hat also protects your head from the elements and will cushion a bit if you bump your head against some low hanging branch, or some sort of obstacle you may be crawling / ducking under.

Finally, a good pair of gloves that allow your hands to breathe as well as protect your hands. I like the “Mechanic” brand of gloves. They are meant to take a beating, but they are thin enough to maintain your finger dexterity.

You want to wear gloves on this hike home. You may fall, need to climb walls or fences, crawl on the ground, move debris, a number of things you may encounter where you may need to clear obstacles with your hands. Doing something like that when your hands are not used to it, and without gloves, your hands are going to look pretty chewed up. You will need your hands to get you home, so make sure you protect them with a good pair of gloves that you can really work and maneuver in.

Mechanic Wear Gloves –

Action Item #4 – Personal Papers, Copies, Cash & Coins

It is a good idea to make copies of all your important documents like birth certificates, wedding certificates, and passport. It is also a good idea to make copies your driver’s license, social security card, and all your credit cards.

Take these along with say $100 in cash (small bills) as well as several ounces of silver and put all these into a vacuum seal bag.

If you do not have a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, then it is a very good investment. Not only can you seal food, make your own MREs and other things, it will also help protect you documents and such that you can then keep in your Bug Out Bag.

Get all these together and you then vacuum seal it all so that they are air tight and will last.

Renaissance-Precious-MetalsAs always, I recommend getting your silver and other precious metals from (Steve Quayle’s) NOTE OH NO NOT STEVE LOL> ) Renaissance Precious Metals. He makes it easy to purchase a few ounces just for a situation like this.

Renaissance Precious Metals –

Another good thing to put in your Bug Out Bag are family photos. You do not know what will happen in the future and if you are bugging out, there is a serious reason why. So like it or not, loved ones may or may have not made it through whatever might have taken place, so having a good number of family photos sealed up in your Bug Out Bag can be a very positive motivator.

Finally, I recommend Waterproof King James Bible.

water-proof-bibleThis is a great bible. It is made in the USA with a 25% lighter weight paper

Extremely Durable Synthetic Pages Sewn and Glued into Spine

Stain Resistant
Ultra Clear Text
Ideal for Gear Bag or Backpack
Dry Highlight
Write and Underline with pencil or ball point pen
No Bleed Thru

The durability of the Waterproof Bible gives you the freedom to take God’s Word with you anywhere – lounging, traveling, exercising… with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time.

Personal Papers, Copies, Cash & Coins

Renaissance Precious Metals –

Waterproof King James Version –

Action Item #5 – Tomahawk / Map & Compass

tomahawk-compass-webA much needed tools to have in your Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag are a tomahawk, map and compass. I personally recommend United Cutlery’s M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with Compass. I personally have this very tomahawk and I have put it through its paces. It is a GREAT cutter and you can put a real good edge on it. The compass is a good military type compass that when you pair it with a map of your local area, will help you get home.

Why I recommend having a tomahawk in your bag is that it will double as a weapon, but you may need it to cut open a door, break a window, chop wood or chop up a wooden pallet to make a fire.

The Tomahawk is a great all around tool and that is why many of the frontiersmen carried them.

The compass is needed to help you get home, especially if you have to go navigate areas you may not know or know as well. You do not know what sort of situation may be taking place, so you may have to avoid areas that have riots, fires, who knows what. So having a map and compass in your Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag is critical.

Tactical Tomahawk and Military Compass –
Action Item #6 – Poncho, Poncho Liner & Space Blanket

You have to think about how long it may take you to literally walk home. Many people commute and live far from where their home is located. So you might have to spend the night someplace.

Forget those “survival blankets” made out of mylar. They rip really easily, they are shiny like a mirror, and they are very noisy. Plus they really do not do a good job of keeping you warm. They cost what, $3.00 or so? Well you get what you pay for.

space-blanketBut you need something that will help you get home that you can use multiple nights if is necessary.

When I was in Spec Ops we did not have the luxury of sleeping bags. What we used was a wet weather poncho and a blanket type item called a poncho liner.

When you tie the poncho and liner together, you have a pretty good weather proof blanket that you can cover up with and get a good night’s sleep. The newer wet weather poncho also comes in a digital cammo pattern. Covering up with this will also camouflage you and not draw attention to yourself. Being digital cammo, the pattern does well in both a city and urban and wooded environment. You need to remember that things may not be going well and you will not want to draw attention to yourself. So remaining camouflaged may be something that you want to do and having a digital pattern poncho could help you with that.

NOW… to kick this up a notch and this is what I personally carried, was an all-weather space blanket that is the same size as a military poncho. These do not have the hole or hood cut out in the middle. I tied my poncho liner into space blanket and had a great warm blanket. If you have a wife who likes to sew, have her sew the two together, but keep them seam on the edge so that there are no holes in the middle to prevent rain from seeping in. Just so you know, I have slept in mine in below 30 degree weather and it kept me toasty warm.

How I used all these items together…

I would gather up a pile of leaves or pine needles. Once I had a good pile, I would cover that with my poncho. Then lay on top of the soft pile covered with the poncho and then cover up with my space blanket and poncho liner. Let’s just say that I started a trend with my team and we all slept well, that is when we were able to get some sleep.

A good military poncho and poncho liner will also help protect you from the elements, keeping you dry as well as warm as you are walking home.

Pairing the poncho with some 550 paracord, you can also make a shelter out of the poncho and still have the poncho liner to keep you warm.

Here are some examples…

blog poncho

The military poncho is a very versatile tool. But you couple that with a space blanket and poncho liner and you are able to handle just about any inhospitable weather Mother Nature wants to throw at you. These fold/roll-up pretty tight, they are light, and easy to stuff in your small backpack Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag.

Military Poncho Digital Cammo –

Poncho Liner –

All Weather Space Blanket –

1000 Ft of Black 550 Paracord –
Action Item #7 – Sturdy Computer Back Pack

Speaking of which, where do you carry all this stuff in?

backpack-tomahawkI personally have a Samsonite Tectonic Large Backpack. This has been with me when I speak at conferences; it has traveled with me to Belize, Costa Rica and now here in Panama. I have literally abused this bag and it just keeps going. As you can see in the picture, I always keep it somewhat packed and ready to go. All I need to do is slip my laptop, kindle, a few other items like my tomahawk / survival knife in it and it is ready to go.

Some nice features is that some of the more critical zippers are ” self-healing”, and another thing is that there are nice back comfort pads all in the right places. The back pads also have channels so that if you are wearing it for a long time, your back still gets some ventilation.

This is one tough bag and I have worn out a few of my other back packs, but this one just keeps going. The quality is great and none of the seams have given out or torn. This has easily weighed at times, over 50 lbs when I had it stuffed full with just about everything I need. The zippers did not pop, and the strap seams held up even when I am swinging it up on my back fully loaded.

ONE Negative, is that there are so many zippered pockets and such that you will lose stuff in this backpack. Over the years I have learned to compartmentalize the back pack.

Here is what I have done…

The first small pocket – at the very bottom, that holds my MP3 Player, clippers, chap stick and any meds that I need quickly.

The netted pocket – I do not put much in that I do not want to lose. So I mainly keep wet wipes in that so I can get to them in a hurry if I need them.

Samsonite Computer Backpack –

First Main Compartment

The first main zippered compartment is all my first aid gear, and I tend to carry a lot of that. Every time we have ran into a situation and I did not have the proper meds, I adjust my med carry. As I mentioned before I separate the first aid items out based on the use and keep them in heavy duty freezer zip lock bags. This way I can grab that certain bag and it has everything I need.

This compartment also has two main pockets and a divider to keep pens, pencils, other small items. That is where I keep my note making items, a small folder knife and my Fenix Flashlight. There is a built in snap link cord that I hook to my flashlight so that I do not lose it. I also might hook my keys to that as well. The second pocket I will keep a battery backup power source to power up my cell phone or such. I also will keep my Kindle in this pocket for quick access.

Fenix PD35 960 Lumen CREE LED Tactical Flashlight –

Second Main Zippered Compartment

This is where I keep all my electronic items, cameras, cables, extra batteries. I have other items like some extra clothes, my ER bars and empty water bottle. This is also divided into two main compartments with pockets on the dividers. There is also a pocket on the front wall of the compartment. This is why I say that you can lose stuff in this backpack because of all the pockets. That front wall pocket I will keep more batteries and smaller items and my cell phone wall charger so that I know where it is. All I need to do is reach in, run my hand down that front wall and it will go into that pocket and then I can feel for my wall charger pretty quickly.

If you have not gathered it by now, this is my catch all pocket from food, clothes, electronic gear and whatever else I want to throw in here. This is the largest of the compartments. The second pocket in this main area is where I keep my tomahawk or my Blackhawk Tatang knife, or even both. There is enough room for that.

My Tatang Survival Knife

If you are looking for a great survival fixed blade knife, I HIGHLY recommend this knife. It is a high carbon steel knife that I can sharpen to a razor edge with a rock if I have to. This is why I love higher carbon based knives. This blade is so sharp I can literally shave with this knife.

Here is my Tatang in relation to a K-Bar. As you can see this knife has got some heft and you are able to also choke up on the blade to give you more fighting agility. Hold it by the grip and it will hack into any tree or lop of any branch you need it too. I have also sharpened the top edge, which was sharp when I pulled it out of the box, but now it is razor sharp. This knife with its “Spear point” can literally double if need be as a spear. Strap it on with some 550 cord to a long stick and you have a pretty formidable weapon and a means to defend or hunt if you have too.

It is also very versatile where you can dig with this knife, chop as I mentioned, and even use it to skin out a deer or hog. The edge holds pretty well and I was really surprised. This is a knife that if you had to, you could even throw it. But it would take some practice to do that.


This is a beast of a knife and is one of my top ten knives out of all the knives I own. This is definitely my “go to” knives if I needed to be in a survival situation and the main reason why I purchased it.

Now back to the back pack…

Third Zippered Compartment

This is the one that is meant to hold your computer. I have an HP laptop and it fits mine perfectly. I do not worry about it getting damaged or banged around. One negative is that you may want to put a little padding at the bottom just to give it some extra padding to protect your laptop. But I am always looking out for my laptop because without it, there goes my livelihood. So I may be a little over protective, thus the little extra padding.

This compartment is not that wide, so it really is meant for your computer, mouse, power cord, mouse pad. You can also put your iPad or Kindle in here as well with some room so that they are not plastered up next to each other.

Other Gear You May Want

I have other odds and ends gear that I like to keep in my bag, some of which you may be interested in having also.

A Survival Whistle – I can whistle pretty loud, but it is good to have a real survival whistle that can be heard from a good distance. It is best to get a marine survival whistle. This has a higher pitch and is meant to be heard over lower decibel sounds like waves, wind and splashing. People hear that high tone and it just does not blend into the natural sounds.

skeletoolLeatherman SkeleTool CX Multitool – This is a great multitool, it is on the expensive side because it is the one made with carbon fiber, which makes the weight about 5 ounces. This has all the basic tools that you really need…

A lock blade Knife
Screw driver with philips and flat head bits
Needle Nose Pliers
Regular and Hard Wire cutters
Bottle Opener / Carabiner

Really, those are all the tools that you will really need in the day to day life. I have used my Leatherman for a million and one things. I got it when they first came out and I have loved it ever since. You can carry it on your belt loop, which is what I often do, or slip it into your pocket. There is a belt holster you can get for them, but I don’t like those so I don’t use it. Clipping it on my right side belt loop and then my cell phone can also help hold it in place which I do clip to my belt.

Here is a video review I did several years ago –

Uzi Tactical Pen – I know that I have talked about this already, but I LOVE my Uzi Tactical Pen. I have had my Uzi pen now for about 4 years. I love this pen and it writes great. I like that I can get refills for it and it keeps writing. I keep this in the pen area of the back pack.

Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Pen – Alongside my Uzi Tac Pen is my Cold Steel Inferno Pen. This thing is great and you can carry it with you in your shirt pocket. It really looks like it is a fountain type pen. What I like about Cold Steel Inferno is that it is a foam, not a liquid spray. One of the problems with most pepper sprays is that if there is any wind or breeze, liquid has a chance of some of the spray droplets / mist blowing back in your own face thus defeating the purpose. Cold Steel’s foam does not do that. The foam attaches itself to the face and then instantly melts from the heat of the skin. So wiping it off is difficult. When it liquefies it will run into the eyes, mouth and easily be sucked into the nose. One good shot in the face with Inferno will dilate the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness. It will induce choking, coughing and nausea and most importantly trigger and immediate and massive sneeze reflex (due to the atomized black pepper particles) that will drag the super hot Habanero chili extract deep into the mucous membranes of the sinus cavities of the nose, throat and lungs causing them to swell up and prevent all but desperate life support breathing.

Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Pen –

Spyderco Resilience G-10 Plain Edge Knife / Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point XL – This is one of my “EDC” knives. I like big folders and I swap out between this and my Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point XL folder. Right now this is the one that I am carrying and I love it. What is great about the Spiderco knives is that you can do a red-neck fix on them by putting a zip tie on the ring and it allows the blade to be deployed as you are pulling it out of your pocket.


This is a great all around carry knife that you can keep in your Office Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag, or do what I do and swap out knives from time to time. So right now my Cold Steel Voyager XL is in my bag but I will probably want to start carrying that again and put the Spiderco back in.


Both of these knives are big folders, or what some people call “pocket swords.” What I like about these sort of knives is that I am able to “flick” them open with some practice, thus speeding up the deployment, and if you need your knife in a hurry, then this is a great thing to learn how to do. Once you learn how to flick it open, it is a noise that people just know and raises the hair on the back of their necks.

Here is a video review that I did a while back on the Cold Steel Voyager Large and the XL knife.

Spiderco Resilience Lock Blade Knife –

Cold Steel Voyager XL Clip Point –

Gorilla Duct Tape – Yep, every guy needs duct tape, it is what holds the world together. But I really love Gorilla Duct Tape. This stuff really sticks and the cloth tape itself is heavy duty. Odds are that if you are guy reading this, you have already worked with Gorilla Duct Tape and you love it as much as I do. Either you can keep the whole roll in your bag or do like what I do and roll up about 20 feet on your own. It is easy to do, just start unrolling it, and roll it back up on itself. I used a wooden dowel to roll it back onto it self just to give it some rigidity. You can also fold back on itself and accomplish the same thing.

Items I Recommended

ER Emergency Ration 3600+ Calorie, 5-Year Emergency Food Bar –

Berkey 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle –

Emergency Water Packets –

Gold Bond Medicated Powder –

02snowstorm5Mechanic Wear Gloves –

Israeli Compression Bandage –

Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet –

Quick Clot Blood Clotting Agent –

Tactical Tomahawk and Military Compass –

Military Poncho Digital Cammo –

All Weather Space Blanket –

1000 Ft of Black 550 Paracord –

Samsonite Computer Backpack –

Fenix PD35 960 Lumen CREE LED Tactical Flashlight –

Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Pen –

Spiderco Resilience Lock Blade Knife –

Cold Steel Voyager XL Clip Point –