Many Deadly Viruses In USA The World

A lot of this video is on the many UN-treatable viruses all over the USA.

This is a prophecy the lord has given for years. On my herb blog and herb podcast, I have been working hard on giving advice on this.

Even Leprosy.

Congo Fever-Like Ebola hemorrhagic fever very deadly, there was last year a huge outbreak of this in Uganda Africa, now in the USA.-Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)

UN-treatable deadly Diarrhea

TB UN-treatable rampant

Lice, super lice

Zika that one is a hoax and I posted on that will give the links again in this post.

All The Post On This Site On Herbal Antibiotics and antivirals, all In One Place

The number one herb is Chinese Skullcap, I have said this many times. Number one, have some on had it will be as needed as Iodine if a nuke gores off we have a virus nuke going off.

Save Chinese skullcap if a virus is around you, meantime take Black elder, lemon balm, and others.

While you can learn herbs the 100% tuition free herbal school link is,