New York on LOCKDOWN: City on high security alert as both candidates to host dueling election night parties just blocks apart-And More-The False Hope!

1 hour ago, around 9 pm, LA Ca ST, esp Hollywood now has police in large force patrolling. They are freaked out in Hollywood, evil Hollywood is trembling.

Looks like Trump Won, now listen. Its three months until He is sworn in. Soros Said, if Trump wins, he has cells all over the USA and it will be the worse civil war we have ever seen.

His win means nothing, now it starts, the lord has allowed it. Judgment has not changed, watch end NOV, watch 2016, not 2017, if you do not think the Powers that be will not do and pull anything in the next three months, DO NOT HAVE FALSE HOPE-this is what I have been looking for, sadly beloved, it has come.

1. America is under Judgment-trump did not will not save America only Jesus.

2. The whole world has already given over to global evil and darkness, the West is by far worse.

3. Now the fires and riots start, and maybe same time a new Civil war, just what Sroros said, paid cells, and they will now arise, the current Gov. will , could, start war with Russia, China.

Martial law, isolated at first, in certain large cities, and states, this will spread very fast, and we may never see a new Prez, if so matters not, the economy is ready to fall any day, this economic collapse could happen, I think it will before he takes office, if he is in the white House and no one goes JFK on him.

Look, I exposed Trump many times, I said he would bring in a police state. He appointed as Secretary of State Newt . G, CFR- Bohemian Grove, and more . Three Months to go , I said he, Newt, on Fox, said 'Trump is not one of us, he has not been initiated, nor vetted in a society', now NEWT will be the Secretary of state, what? that is a big flag. Not who we would want as a future Secretary of state, look into this satanists.

So read this post and I am telling you, Judgment is on, nothing will change, it will now get far worse. Time is up, make your move, and get ready.

The only thing standing in the way of our New World Order is a strong America”~Henry Kissinger

The reason the New world order has been slow in coming, there as a been a global awakening”~ Brzezinski

America and English population, have woke up, they do want change, sadly I must stay with what the lord said, 2016 is end game.

Its a false hope, its a set back, and you corner a bear in a corner with a cub, that bear will be violent to death, this is what the current powers that be are, desperate, and in desperation great mistakes are made, it will be costly.

New York authorities are on high alert amid an extraordinarily volatile campaign and staffers fear violence could erupt following the result
Over 5,000 police officers will flood the streets on Tuesday night - the largest election detail the city has ever had
Dozens of roads will close across Manhattan midtown from 6am today
Police Plaza's emergency management office is running a round-the-clock 'situation room' from which some 15 staffers will watch for unrest
Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be in town as the results come in - something that hasn't happened since 1944 when FDR beat Dewey
Over a fifth of likely Trump voters say they are not prepared to accept Tuesday's outcome, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed

Dozens of Manhattan's streets will shut down and the city will see its biggest ever police presence as both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates plan to host their election night party in New York for the first time n 70 years.

New York was already on high alert after federal officials warned about possible attacks by the al Qaeda militant group around Election Day.

Meanwhile, the bitter and divisive nature of the election has led to fears of clashes between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters in the streets as the rival campaigns hold their results parties just two miles apart.

Trump plans to host an 'invitation-only' election party in the New York Hilton Midtown, near his own Trump Tower. Clinton is planning hers at the sprawling Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, the block-sized venue which is open to her supporters.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner have announced that New York will see its biggest ever police presence on Tuesday evening with more than 5,000 cops on the street.

We know that the eyes of the world will be on New York City,' said de Blasio, adding that New York was deploying 'extraordinary resources' to keep the streets safe.

'This is by far the largest election detail that the NYPD has ever had,' added Chief of Department Carlos Gomez on Monday, adding that it was more than double the city's previous high.

Sanitation trucks filled with sand have been parked up along Fifth Avenue outside Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's Trump Tower in Manhattan

The sand-filled trucks will act as a security barricade outside Trump's home

Members of the New York Police Department's Counterterrorism Bureau stand near a cutout of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Monday


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner have announced that New York will see its biggest ever police presence on Tuesday (officers stand guard in Times Square on Monday)

Authorities are setting up perimeters around both candidate's venues, while scores of streets - including the busy thoroughfares West 34th Street, 57th Street and Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues - all closed at 6am on Tuesday morning.

Alternate side parking rules will also be suspended across the city and there will be no garbage or recycling pickup on Tuesday.

Public schools are closed for students.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has warned that the subway could be extra busy today as commuters try and work around the road closures.

11th Avenue will be closed between West 34th and West 40th streets.

West 55th Street will be closed between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

West 34th Street to be closed intermittently.

West 53rd and West 54th streets between Sixth and Seventh avenues will be closed to traffic.

Streets around Trump Tower, including Fifth Avenue between East 55th and East 56th streets, will be closed while Trump is in the building.

Trucks will be diverted away from midtown streets, including Fifth Avenue between 54th and 59th streets, 57th Street between Madison and Sixth avenues, and Sixth Avenue between West 42nd and West 54th streets.

Source: NBC

It is the first time in over 70 years that two New York candidates have battled for the White House.

The last time the Big Apple hosted both main party candidates was 1944, when New York-born Franklin D. Roosevelt saw off the city's Republican governor Thomas Dewey to win his unprecedented fourth presidential term, as the Second World War raged.

This time round, city authorities are worried about trouble caused by voters refusing to accept the result.

Trump's supporters have been stoked by their candidate's repeated claims that the election is 'rigged'. The Republican has refused to say whether he will accept the results if he loses.

Over a fifth of likely Trump voters say they are not prepared to accept the outcome, compared with 10 per cent of Clinton supporters, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Monday.

To help manage the night, Police Plaza's situation room will have some fifteen people will be scanning the 8.5 million-strong city for trouble round the clock - a step it has never taken before.

'They're worried about people going into the streets,' one person familiar with the emergency management office's plans said. 'They're preparing for any eventuality, basically.'

In a statement, the office said it was on standby.

'The New York City Emergency Management Department is working closely with our partners to monitor Election Day events across the City,' Nancy Silvestri, NYC Emergency Management Press Secretary, said in an emailed statement.