'Paranoid' named word of the year by Cambridge Dictionary after political shake-ups of 2016

This is an amazing thing, word of the year, many say when you talk as a dooms day Prophet, or sound doctrine your paranoid. There has been an awakening in some countries, the USA is one. Alternative news, all going on, they are out of control. If your awake, this RT says your paranoid(RT news was good, now its commercial and no longer what it was.).

Read 1984 double speak, we are in that place right now in history, the defining moment of civilizations.

It will be hard, but we must have faith, the lord will see you through. PS Your not paranoid, your awake, and the lord loves you.

Network News, Not for Trump, but odd how the main stream media continues to use this to cause an uprising.

FYI- BREXIT,- it is not , and may never be a real law, in place. Did you know it is not law yet? We will see many< ?> question marks in the coming days.The lord says, 'Numerous, confusions, and questions will try to invade the body of Christ, No confusion, stand against it and have faith, Grace, mercy, truth, will see you through anything, even the holidays LOL.

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Few would doubt that 2016 has been a roller-coaster year that's seen seismic shake-ups in global politics that defied expectations. And it's reflected in the language we've been using this year, as Caleb Maupin explains.