Simpsons Prediction of Donald Trump Becoming President- Plus 10 Predictions from Simpsons show

I do not get into, or do TV stuff, but This is amazing. 1999 he was shown as the Prez- Trump- amazing they showed 911 before it happened, that one made me think, the writers are 100% in with the NWO, and predicative programing.

So far speculations are, we will now see more riots and such, the economy collapses before 2017, war starts 2016, Trump will be killed and a new JFK, look no matter what, or how, TPTB do not and will not give up, we will see  many events all at once, mass confusion and fear, be strong in the lord and the power of HIS might

 Well Done Short Vid 10 Times Simpsons predicted The Future- FYI