The Last Warning-Prophecy NOV 17, 2016-Plus A Heart To Heart

Re Post From an Article, post on July 14 2016.

This word was strong on me. Been off line a lot of late, doing work outside, getting things ready for the mission, when that time comes, and it will come very soon.

This is maybe the last warning some of you will read. Judgment is on the West, The EU falls, and right after America.

You do not need all the horror news, you need to get alone with the lord and listen to his still small voice, he will give you a witness, confirmation. The lord is with his people this is Holy War.

I know so many that still think all is fine, most people still do. What else can the lord say, what other message do I need to post, all that can be said has been said.

If you are not doing something, preparing, doing dry runs, know, where to bug out by back roads, and more, it may, I say ,'it may, be to late'.

In our case we are bugging in, that is the reason for the off-line ministry, not bug out, bug in, hunker down, be in prayer and defend our ground against what may come.

The lord has set up such locations around the world, this is but one.

I have told my Bible students of these things, my Board, emails, and more emails, this site.

All I am, a servant, and a voice in the wilderness.

The word of the lord says 'now!, get out of any populated area as soon as you can, soon you will not be able to travel freely about'.

Much will happen, understand the lord has said not until after the summer of hell and chaos, after- we are looking at harder days.

The rest of this summer and fall will go down in history, order out of Chaos, and the wrath of the lord on an apostate nation, and nations.

I yell from the house top, repent, get right with the lord, get serious and seek the lord as never before.

Last night around 1-3am I was out doing my security walks and praying. Last night I had a encounter with the lord. It was beyond anything I can say it words. Comfort, Power, Faith, the voice of the lord, he said in-spite of all this, 'he will do a work, and mighty acts shall be done'. He is moving and always said as evil increases his glory would increase in his remnant.

Stand your ground, make your stand, show up for duty, it is high time that we, his people get into power praise and worship, Taste and see the lord is good.

Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Eph 6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

Yes, after doing all to stand, the bible says, into the next verse-stand-starts the next verse, same verse, man put the bible in Verses, chapters and such.

Time for us to take such a stand for our lord, the ONLY way to heaven.
The only way to Jehovah God, God of all Gods, we now have access to the holy of holies, what an amazing place, may we be found there more often.

Without salvation provided by, Jesus Christ, repent in your heart and believe, you may be saved , born again right now. I would not want to take a chance and not having with me at all times a copy of the bible, this book will son become banned.

2 years ago in a Prophetic free flow word- in audio, it was about getting free and 10 to 25 cent bibles, all you see, yard sales, put In a double bag and bury these stashes of the bible.

Hard times will be on all, this has already increased openly to be seen in the last couple months, have you noticed? if saved you do not go it , or anywhere alone. We will need this deep divine resurgence in people getting saved, people to go out to where the unsaved are.

Judgment brings these things, read the history of the 'Protestant Reformation', better yet”Fox's book of martyrs”. I write this, preach it, persecution is increasing, soon blood shed.

I see a dull gray small city, its balmy out but ok. In the fog, around each street and near some houses were these creature things-Demons-Other houses I saw beams of white light coming out, these other houses were not touched.

It works like that, we have the bible, history on this point.

The word-GRACE- all by grace, the lords timing, our lords leading and chastising when we need it, comfort when we feel we want to just die.
An F5 tornado rips through a town , coming right at you and your neighbor your pastors house, the tornado lifts back up in the air, and one county over, it touched down again and continued on with the F5 damage.
In OKC true story and more like them , these are not random acts, but the covering of the angels of the most high to protect, the bible is clear on this.

GRACE_battle the flesh, fight the good fight-cast off the sin that so easily entangles you. I ask do not watch TV, or use a cell phone, 3 days and see how you are. The new gadgets have spoiled and dumbed down Americans.
Many video games are demonic, Illuminati stuff, and mind control war games. Its now started, what will you do today? What did you do yesterday?

What did you do last weekend-If you have a good normal job that is.
I am all over the place sorry, just a heart to heart and not a structured message, let us talk heart to heart.