Leading an ordered life makes one mighty in the lord

 2Ch 27:6 So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the LORD his God.


2 Chronicles 27:1-9

Ordering His Way before God


This story of Jotham is memorable if only for one sentence; that he became mighty because he ordered his way before the Lord his God.

We should order our lives, as we order our prayers. First things must come first. We should always consider, in anticipating any course of action, how best to promote God’s glory and the interests of His Kingdom. As far as lies in our power, we should adopt and follow some plan or program, such as He will reveal to us.

An ordered life is a mighty life.

The people that make themselves felt in the world are those who can say with Paul, “This one thing I do.” They are invulnerable and invincible.

Repressed in one place, they break out in another; cast down, they are not destroyed; perplexed, they are not in despair.

An ordered and mighty life draws its supplies from God. However well-laid our plans, or single our purpose, nothing avails apart from God. It is by Him that we become strong; and His power, allied with us and working through us, make us more than conquerors.


2 Chronicles 27:6
So Jotham became mighty,.... Having built towers and castles, and fortified cities, and conquered his enemies:

because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God; ordered, directed, and guided them according to the word and will of God, and walked as in the sight of God, having the fear of him continually before him.


in wealth and power, and influence upon the neighbouring nations, who courted his friendship and feared his displeasure; and this he got by preparing his ways before the Lord his God. The more stedfast we are in religion the more mighty we are both for the resistance of that which is evil and for the performance of that which is good.

He finished his course too soon, but finished it with honour. He had the unhappiness to die in the midst of his days; but, to balance that, the happiness not to out-live his reputation, as the last three of his predecessors did. He died when he was but forty-one years of age (2Ch_27:8); but his wars and his ways, his wars abroad and his ways at home, were so glorious that they were recorded in the book of the kings of Israel, as well as of the kings of Judah, 2Ch_27:7.

The N.T. Church was one of order. Paul corrected the out of order abuse of Gifts of the spirit, and sexual sin and other pagan sins that were being committed in the Church of Corinth.

Peter, when the problem arose , with the distribution of needs, the Jews and Hellenistic Jews had a depute, Hellenist Jews, Greek speaking Jews, and the Jews had a problem, Peter and the Apostles at the time were having to wait on tables, like being one who works in a food closet , Church pantry, food bank, and they said, not out of pride,but out of a way to bring order, so they could devote themselves to their call, to give them time to devote them selves wholly to prayer and the word of the lord, study and preaching, prayers, private, and prayers for others, ministry work of an Apostle and like today, a minister.

They took care of the problem by saying, you Church, chose 7 men, deacons , full of faith and the holy spirit, they did so, and rest and order came into the out of order issue. They ordered rightly, peace took over and they were free to minister and not wait on tables. Deacons, elders, Christians, Ministers all have a role , it is one of order. No totem polls, the Christian so called laity, is not biblical, all Christians are ministers, the royal priest hood of ALL believers.

The way it works and the body properly functions and is edified is when all people of the congregation use there gifts and follow the will and ministry the lord calls them to. No envy, but all working in separate functions and calls, building up the congregation into a holy temple, as each member can be looked at as a brick, laid on the foundation, Jesus Christ, the chief corner stone.

The N.T. teaches what a Church should be, how it should function, what it should be doing. It is all in the N.T. Acts, the pastoral epistles, 1, 2 Tim and Titus, its all there. So why do the Churches today seem so far from being a real N.T. modeled Church? Tangents, anything but a N.T. type Church, people want power, positions, money, fame, they forget that the greatest is least and the servant to all. Modern minsters forget to follow Jesus example, as he humbled himself and washed the disciples feet, ministers need to improve their serve.

Servitude is not glamorous , it is humble servitude, no fame, no power, no great wealth, this is not the true church that we find in the N.T. There were no totem polls but there were crosses, to be carried and some to be crucified on. I have always had a burden, and have always tried to do real N.T. ministry off line. No programs, just worship and the word, with breaking of bread, fellowship after the service and that is it.

That is the way the N.T. Church ran, no Sunday school, no youth group. During service the whole family attended, it was that way in the old days, watch an old westerns , the local white church, the whole family attended and after departed, I like, and think it is biblical to have a time of fellowship, after the alter call, an alter call, or open alters as it is, should be in every single service, once the preachers done doing his thing, does not mean God is done doing his thing, the alter time is where the catalyst of the service is, where people cry out to the lord, pray for others, repent of sin, soak up the presence of the lord, O' the alter call.

This order, if restored, and it will be soon, because there will be no big mega churches with million dollar budgets and 20 foot screens, programs and more programs, no, after the economy falls, judgments fall, it will be back to simple N.T. ministry, mostly in homes, shelters and much different, no offering plates, no power, no fame, and so there will be very few ministers that are now ministering, they will flee the flock the moment the stuff hits the fan.

This is why the lord is preparing a last day remnant army of no body’s, unknown, being prepared in secret, these ones will rise to the last day ministry call, mighty men and women, unknown, yet known in heaven. No big names, no Christian rock stars, or movies stars, that will be gone, so get ready to embrace a true N.T. way of congregating, and there will be no totem poles, but again there will be crosses to carry, and crosses to be made, or types of crosses for the crucifixion of the coming Christian persecution. In such days, no pride, each gathering you do not know if it will be your last. Christianity will take on a new urgency for every moment, and Christians will be humble, holy, God fearing, full of Joy and suffering, just like in the N.T. and through out History, as history repeats.